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Narcissus 0.9

Narcissus is a graphing tool compatible with the FloodMini 1.4 data type in Kawigi's FloodGrapher 2.0. When plugged into your bot it creates a file containing data from a simulated enemy gun, allowing you to see how your movement performs against a range of opponents.

Download it from http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=2028 and follow the instructions in the ReadMe.

0.95: Bugfix, will now correctly pick up on opponents changing from low bullet powers to power 3. Probably only an issue at close range, but I recommend upgrading.

Also now allows data collection to be stopped or started, allows you to choose to fire a wave only on bullet fire detection, and allows you to select a default bullet power at the start of the round or to collect data only after the opponent has fired the first bullet.


You're a master of naming! And the tool sounds very interesting too. I must try it. -- PEZ

Thanks. :-) There are still a couple of issues with it, but running your bot against FloodMini and comparing the graphs gives a pretty good correspondence, so I'm quite happy with it. -- Jamougha

Any particular features people would like to see in 1.0? -- Jamougha

A live feed for the graph? Might be fun, although slow. (A FloodGrapher plugin would be a good way to do it) -- Tango

Why, can't you just hit the refresh button in in FloodGrapher as it is? -- PEZ

I haven't checked, but I would assume it only saves at the end of the round (or maybe even the battle). A new plugin that is directly sent the segment to increment would be able to keep the graph up to date easier (disk I/O is very slow, so saving every time a wave hits is impractical). -- Tango

Ah, but that would be a neat feature for graphing in general. Though I think the security manager might have something to say on the issue. -- PEZ

Interesting idea. Must come from a guy with too much time on his hands. ;-) I'll think about how it might be done. -- Jamougha

No. If I had too much time on my hands, I would have volunteered to do it. ;-) I don't think the security manager effects sockets. They are used in the DeathMatchMod?, and I don't think there was any problem, although you may have to use the robocode package to get it to work... If there security isn't a problem, then simply having the grapher (and PEZ is right of course, this would work with any grapher) listen on a particular port (local host), and have the grapher bot send the details of each increment to the GFs, and the grapher can modify the graph. I might give it a go, but no promises. It would take me a while, anyway, because my knowledge of the relevent java is sketchy at best. -- Tango

The DeathMatch mod bypasses the security manager. I'm pretty sure Robocode security will object to using sockets. And I don't think it will like network sockets any better. At least I hope that is so. I don't like the idea that robots running on my machine could start talking on the network. -- PEZ

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