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A bot that might or might not be released some day. The movement is a bit too complicated and I might decide to discontinue it. We'll see. Melee glory still looks desirable. =) -- PEZ

(just got here trying out the Random Page button) Was this an attempt to write a Melee bot? If so, shame on you that you didn't finish it. You are robocoding for so long and you never released such a bot (no, I'm not accepting your Poetss)... -- rozu

ahhhhhh, the random page link - the last refuse of the bored and sleepless... --Brainfade

But some of the Poetss are quite successful melee bots. =) Plato gave birth to the RandomMovementBot 1v1 movement which I am quite happy that it did. Interesting that the simplest 1v1 movement was at the end of a complicated, really complicated, melee movement experiment. Anyway, I have been a 1v1 specialist almost all the time so I think I can stay in the field some while more. =) -- PEZ

"Quite successful melee bots" means they can beat a lot of femto / haiku bots. They wouldn't live in RR@H melee at all (but you're welcome to try it). -- Kawigi

Ha! Successful for their purpose. Which was to be competetive femtos/haikus. I'm just saying I think they count as melee bots since they are competetive in their class. -- PEZ

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