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** I made a Droid that could destroy 100 Shadows by itself once(and all at once too >:), but thats only because it was a hackbot (in the short period those we're around). On a more proud note, I made a real droid bot that took the dimensions of the stage, calculated the most likely area another droid would be in and fired, and since it normally stayed in a corner (hehe), it could do this(it used alot of botWidth and stuff). But it wasn't overly effective, as well, you gotta use everything you can to spot your enemy, including your bot! (ergo if you bump into them, ram for all your worth and fire at 3!) --Chase-san

An interface that is used mostly in team play, possesses an additional 20 energy at the expense of not having a radar. The opposite of a perceptual bot.

For Droid bots, i had this idea where you would pattern match on the opponent's location based on where the bullet is from...but i'm not sure exactly how to implement it yet...especially since i can't even pattern match with a normal robot! --Starrynte

I had an idea about using 0.1 bullets as a weak radar for Droids too... but then they only get 20 extra energy, and a power 3 bullet does 16 damage, so I thought it would never fly... It might be funny to see an all droid league though! =) --BenHorner

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