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* Current Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
* Age: 14

Old Bots:
Very Old Bots:

Changed: 11c6
Current Robots:
Current (Old) Robots:

Removed: 14d8
* The difference between the performance of the above to bots is 202 places, or 260 RR@H points.


Very Old Bots:

Current (Old) Robots:

Status: Semi-Active (Not actively developing bots)


We've never "met", but... welcome back =) -- Voidious

A Question: What is the maximum disk space that I can use per opponent in the rumble? --Nfwu

You have 200 kb disk space total, but there's no limit per-opponent. That disk space quota is the default used in Robocode and is what we use for RoboRumble clients. A couple points of note: you can change this quota in your Robocode install by adding something like robocode.robot.filesystem.quota=2000000000 (I think it's in bytes) to the robocode.properties file, sometimes useful for development purposes; also, the files are not unified throughout the RoboRumble clients, so you only have access to the stuff you've written on whatever client your bot is running on for that match. -- Voidious

Thanks! --Nfwu

Your new bot Pioneer is called Carruthers in the .properties file, therefor Robocode does not accept it as a valid entry. -- GrubbmGait

Thanks! -- Nfwu

Now another error is reported, bad versionnumber in class-file. The best thing is if you try your generated jar-file yourself, watch the initial window when robocode starts up. (There is some old stuff also in the jar, maybe that is interfering) -- GrubbmGait

Same error with Pioneer 1.0 Carr2. Stopped my client because all the battles get a 350-0 score. -- GrubbmGait

Once I'm home, I'll check out the problem. -- Nfwu

Eh, looks like I'm going to rewrite anyway, so I'll just run some more RoboLeague tests for the Pioneer Carr versions, and proceed with the re-write --Nfwu

Could someone archive the RoboRumble/ReportedProblems page? My dial-up connection can't view the end of page -- Nfwu

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