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Note: 7 seasons is my own suggestion. Vuen suggested 3 when posting the idea of this challenge. I think only 3 seasons will allow too much room for chance to play a role. Until we have the results from some bots the number of seasons is open for debate anyways. -- PEZ

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Vuen suggested we run a targeting challenge that can measure the fast-learning performance of the gun. The rules are the same as in the vanilla TC. Only, here:
  1. Any data saving between battles must be switched of in the challenger bot.
  2. We run 15 seasons of 35 rounds each.
  3. Score is calculated as in the vanilla challenge for each season and then averaged to get the final score. (You might find the /Calculator helpful here.)

Post the results of your bot (or any other bot you measure) on the /ResultsFastLearning page. As usual results can be discussed on the /ResultsChat page.

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