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Differences with normal Robocode

The biggest difference with normal Robocode is that your bot reappear in a random location after it died. The bot reappears after 50 ticks. This mean that during all the round there are approximatly the same number of bot on the battlefield.

There's another big difference, it's that you can suicide by firing all your energy.


Now RobocodeDeathMatch is totally functional.

Current release is Beta 5.

Check http://membres.lycos.fr/robocode for online result and for submitting a bot (any bot accepted).

Download page http://www.geocities.com/synnalagma/dm.html

How does it work

You must run the jar you downloaded and choose a directory where you have an installed robocode. Then run RDMServer.bat (the server with message and results) and RDM.bat (robocode) with bot extendings DeathMatchRobot?. What's cool is that you have real time results...


What's next

You want to do some things

Put any comment, suggestions and what you want

I Put the discussion in /Development since it's what it was --Synnalagma

You seem to have come pretty far with this! Is it for Melee battle only or do you deal with OneOn? One matches as well? I only have 1v1 bots you know... -- PEZ

Actually it's only for Melee battle but OneOnOne could come if some are interested in it. --Synnalagma

Well, I sure am interested in it. -- PEZ

In fact there will be 4 competitions Melee, OneOnOne, Melee with QuadDamage? (around center) and OneOnOne with QuadDamage? (around corners). Since the Wiki is entirely modulable (and the new engine also) new competition are very easy to set (the engine query the wiki about new rule set). --Synnalagma

Uh, what's "frag"? --Bayen

Frag is short for fragmentation, as in a kill with a fragmentation grenade. It is slang for a kill. -- Martin

Also, the original term also meant killing one of your own troops, IIRC, but Doom pretty much changed the commonly accepted meaning of the term to what Martin said. (And I suppose that in a Doom deathmatch, you were always killing "one of your own", technically.) -- Voidious

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