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I'm a newbie in AI technic and i play with robocode to learn it. I'm not really interested in the competition but more to learn and to see what it does (this is the main reason why there were no public bot of mine). But now with this wiki I see the things differently. Thanks!

My first public bot is NeuralPremier who use neural network to fire and dodging.

my ICQ# is 241505320 --Synnalagma

note : I've really got a poor english so be comprehensive.

Cool!!! This is probably the first released bot that uses a NN for dodging. -- Albert

I've got some question on this page SynnalagmaQuestion --Synnalagma

I wrote some things about NeuralNetwork

Here you can find some utilities :

I wrote two bots not so competitive but here they are :

You can find two mods for robocode that I wrote :

I have a question that I think you are the right person to answer. I would like to be able to specify upon starting roboleague that robocode should use specified starting positions of the challenger and the reference bots in the TargetingChallenge. Preferably Robocode should read a list of starting positions from a config file and then cycle throug the list. You think that's possible? -- PEZ]

I think I didn't get it, did you mean setting the points at round start ? (this would be possible). The whole thing to bypass security is to put your class in the robocode directory. Do a class extending AdvancedRobot in this package and see with PeerStatistic? (something like this). --Synnalagma

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