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What is AntiPatternMatching anyway?

Is it when you TRICK a PM gun so it cannot perform matching?
Or is it just having good non-repetitive movement?

-- Vic

It's about avoid getting hit by a PatternMatching gun. It could be done in several ways. One would be to intentinally create patterns that you break just before bullet impact. One is to use a pattern matcher yourself and use it to project your own future position and then make sure you avoid that spot. The latter is about what GlowBlowAPM does, even though it must be more clever than that since it has a reasonably flat movement curve as well. -- PEZ

That's very interesting! I was actually considering the latter method myself, and i thought that maybe this would result automatically in a reasonably flat profile. I don't have any real base for that assumption though, it's just a hunch. Maybe i can tell you later if this assumption is true, or else if i need extra code for flattening. But i think this is what i will try for movement. Of course i'll be using my own PM algorithm, which is also in PatternMatcherBot so i will not officially enter it in the RandomMovementChallenge. That would be unfair :-) -- Vic

just add it to the RandomMovementChallenge it`s a good reference (PEZ it isn`t more clever than that, at least I think so). My user name is mentionned as Paul Evens (and sometimes Vic or DragonTamer too) here at University no idea how to change this... -- rozu

rozu, try entering your wiki-name under Preferences. It's a known bug in the wiki script I use that causes you to get the name of the last visitor when nothing is entered in Preferences. -- PEZ

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