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Thanks for the welcome Voidious! I'm a 24 year old Comp Sci undergrad at the University of Lethbridge in Canada. I ran across Robocode while looking for an AI project to do for school. Well, it has grown into more than a school assignment for me. Since January 06 I have devoted a lot of time to my first robot, Union. Who would have thought watching tanks zoom around and fire bullets at each other would be so addicting? -- Arebolledo

A guy who appeared out of nowhere, and silently entered a pretty decent tank in the RoboRumble... Welcome! =) Care to replace this goofy text with some info about yourself? -- Voidious

Glad to have you participating. Good rating for a first bot -- my best bot so far has been lower than your first one... although if I updated it I might come close... -- Greywhind

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