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Experienced Java programmer, sadly inexperienced Robocode programmer. My signature bot is (well, will be), BallsBot?. I hope that names not taken? Robo Maker since August 13 / 07

Welcome to the Robocode addiction! (As someone once told me...) Feel free to post any questions you might have, I'd say this is generally a pretty helpful community. There are quite a lot of OpenSource bots and a few Tutorials that might help you get started, as well. Best of luck. -- Voidious

And if you want help, all you have to do is ask. --Chase-san

Thanks a lot! Working on a bot right now, but having tough times. Just looking at a lot of different code and simple things. Learning more each time. Where would one ask questions, in the relevant topic? -- Aziz

Yeah, you can ask questions on the topic pages, or on your own page if you want. Some people have a /Questions page off of their personal page. I think most regulars watch the Changes page, so they should see it where ever you put it. -- Voidious

Welcome Aziz! The amount information on this RoboWiki can be quite overwelming. Therefore, I might be a good idea to learn the basics to begin with, and later on you can concentrate on how to improve your robot with better movement, targetting, radar scans as your robot(s) evolves. ;-) --Fnl

Indeed it is a bit overwelming. I got over 90% in my grade 12 physics and geometry/discreet math classes (which was only a little over a year ago), and I'm forgetting most of what I learnt! I do find the more that I read and do the better understanding I have. Is there a good tutorial around for building a decent learning bot around? I know the SnippetBot tutorial is a broken link. -- Aziz

There are some decent tutorials - eventually, I'd recommend checking out the GuessFactorTargeting/Tutorial or GFTargetingBot, then later the WaveSurfing/Tutorial. By the way, you can get the [SnippetBot Tutorial from WebArchive.org]. There could be a lot more and better tutorials, but at least there are a lot of OpenSource bots to partially make up for it. A common path for a lot of us was to start with the really simple stuff and just move on up the chain.

Pretty much any concept out there has OpenSource implementations available to learn from: HeadOnTargeting (WaveSurfingChallenge bots), RandomMovement / WallSmoothing (Raiko, Tityus, RandomMovementBot), LinearTargeting / CircularTargeting (WaveSurfingChallenge2K6 bots), VirtualGuns (GrubbmGrb), MinimumRiskMovement for melee (HawkOnFire), PatternMatching (Che, MogBot, SpareParts), GuessFactorTargeting (Dookious, CassiusClay, many others), and WaveSurfing (Dookious, CassiusClay, many others). (By no means is that all the examples for each concept.) Personally, I learned all the simpler stuff around the wiki, PatternMatching from MogBot and some MogBot based tutorial, GuessFactorTargeting from the wiki / tutorial, and more advanced stuff from experimentation and studying CassiusClay quite a bit.

Hope that helps. Best of luck and let us know if (well, when =)) you have questions.

-- Voidious

And don't forget the [SnippetBot tutorial], it (somewhat kind of) resembles the structure of most bots and is good to learn from. --Starrynte

Thank a lot guys, I'll definitely look into all those. Also, thanks for the SnippetBot link. Done my co-op work today, so I've got a week of vacation which I'll likely hang out with my lady and play video games, but after that it's back to school (which means a lot of programming for me). So you may hear from me then. -- Aziz

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