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Hi. I'm building a robot (i've no clue on the classification) called Simmons. It's going to incorperate anti-gravity movement, and hopefully a virtualBullet based targeting system. I'm kinda new to robocode in general, but I'm a relatively experienced programmer.

I made some changes to Hanji's anti-grav libraries. First and foremost, I was very interested in Point2D at the time, and I had already begun coding with Point2D, so I messed with the code in GravPoint? a bit so that it inherited everything from the point2D class. I then went ahead and changed the AGravEngine? so it worked with the new GravPoint?. I also removed the dependency for RobocodeUtils?, since the distance calculation method was already part of point2D, and I simply added the absBearing method directly into the AGravEngine? class.

Now that I've got those working, I just need some help getting my robot to use the data the engine spits out. Haven't really covered much trig in school so far. The trig lessons we did have didn't use radians either. I'd also like to know what some reccomended wallforce and GravPoint? strength values would be. I've got no clue thus far, since I can't find any robots that I can download tat use anti-grav.

Please feel free to email me with suggestions. If you have any questions, I'm probably not the best guy to ask.

SailFastLiveSlow? AT myRealBox? DOT com
Hello. I'm also pretty new to Robocode, and I am also using Hanji's AGravEngine? + GravPoint? classes for my own robot(Cinnamon). I have found that you will want High strength scores for the GravPoint?'s(ie. lower than -1000, unless you want them to be attracting your robot, then greater then 1000). For the wallForce, find a lot of zeros and add a single digit in front of them(should be positive, as wallforce is the oppisite of GravPoints?). Otherwise the GravPoints?, if you have many or a high strength for them(about more then 1/6 per point, 3/5ths total(try on your own as these are just numbers I came up with on my own)), will push your robot against the wall. I've found that without highish scores, my robot tends to move slugishly. --Dan

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