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Version Update Rank Score
2.5 Refactored movement simulation/predicition and fixed a bug or two while doing it.
Gun Update - speed improvements allowing analysis of 27500 scans, tweaked timing.
Movement Update - implemented Voidious's min/max calculation of enemy wave danger. Previously, I simulated movement to the first wave's impact and counted each wave's contribution to danger as a function of it's distance. Now, I simulate movement in each direction to the first wave impact and calculate it's danger. Then simulate movement in each direction to the second wave impact and add it's danger to the first. Chalk chooses the lowest combo and moves in that direction. Thanks Voidious!
? ?
2.4 Gun Update - changed bullet timing, tweaked weights.
Movement Update - experimenting with three clusters versus weighting features.
19 ~2000
2.3.C Gun update. Mostly speed improvements from ABC. ? ?
2.3.B Small tweaks in movement and gun weights. ? ?
2.3.Be Movement Update - removed wall distance. Tweaked wave impact calculations.
Gun Update - added a second, smaller scan buffer to learn faster against adaptive movements.
? ?
2.3.Li Movement Update - added wall distance to surfing. Bad idea for Chalk. Lost 20 points. 24 1951.98
2.3.He Gun Update - the gun no longer stores a true sequential pattern and "plays it forward" for the n most similiar scans. Instead, it stores the bullet impact bearing from the enemy's heading when I fired (just like a GuessFactor gun). Then it generalizes a bearing from the n most similiar scans and fires. 16 1977
2.3.H Movement Update - made the decision to flatten fussier.
Gun Update - changed the error rank calculation to use true independent variable distance (Math.sqrt(Math.pow(x1 - y1, 2) + Math.pow(x2 - y2, 2) ...) versus an approximation (Math.abs(x1 - y1) + Math.abs(x2 - y2) ...).
27 1937.65
2.3 Movement Update - time for the flattener. 31 1902
2.2 Movement Update - re-worked movement projection. Removed 'features': straight velocity, wall distance.
Gun Update - waiting for aim before shooting.
27 1934.36
2.1.C Movement Update - Projects five movement options versus three.
Gun Update - Lighter touch; no more 2.5 strength bullets
27 1926
2.1.B Movement Update - Replaced 'best-of' scan selection with weighted sum of all saved scans(currently 75). 29 1902
2.1.Be Movement Update - Added Wall 'feature'. Ill-advised update with little testing. A lost-points release. 34 1892.92
2.1.Li Movement Update - Added rudimentary 'feature' weighting system from gun. Lots of work to do. 29 1904.5
2.1.He Gun Update - the 2.1.H gun absolutely sucked.;) This gun should do better. Now with wall distancing! Fires harder. 34 1897.41
2.1.H Gun Update - the 2.0 gun absolutely sucked. This gun should do better. 34 1888.07
2.0 Total Update - removed stats buffers from movement and gun 35 1875.69
1.2 Gun Update - Turns out Chalk ignores Lateral Direction 34 1891.58
1.1 Movement Update - tweaked surfing/couple of suggestions from Voidious. 36 1857.47
1.01 Bug Fix- wave surfing smoothing only considering current index. 44 1809.84
1.0 First Release 66 1777.49

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