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Experimental RoboRumble Server

I found some time on the weekend and put together a database-backed RoboRumble server. You can try it here: http://darkcanuck.net/rumble/ (warning: still quite alpha)

Why a new server?

Like many others, I was getting frustrated with the weird results appearing on the regular server. There didn't seem to be an easy way to fix the results, except to start over from scratch like ABC did with his new temporary server. It doesn't seem fair to new users that a single misconfiguration will corrupt everyone's results, nor to the Robocode developers where a bug in a new release can cause the same problems.

This effort is not meant to supplant the upcoming Roborumble.org, which will add many great features. But David has taken on a fairly large challenge, and I thought we needed an intermediate step in the meantime which works with the current rumble client and can help evolve the client/server system to become what Roborumble.org will eventually need.

Design Goals

Current State

The new server is live and has been accepting requests for just under 24hrs. My home test server has been running for several days, so it is stable but there are probably may bugs and still a number of missing features.

What's done:

What's missing:

Known bugs:

How to use it

Read the list of known bugs above first! Don't connect unless you're willing to run into the occasional error and hopefully send me a bug report. Now accepting new contributors -- running smooth for my four clients for at least one week.

Just change the three URLs in your roborumble.txt file to point to http://darkcanuck.net/rumble/... And reduce the number of battles to 300 for good measure.

How you can help

Submit battle results! Your results will also be relayed to ABC's server, so if you want to contribute to both efforts just change your upload URL to darkcanuck.net and leave the other two pointed at ABC's.

I'd like to make some forks of the latest rumble clients with a few new features. Including the robocode version number in the uploaded results is the top priority.

If there's a feature you want to code and you know PHP/MySQL?, let me know!

Feedback is very much appreciated.


Fire away...

Just a suggestion for an additional check. I have never seen score a bot more than 8000 points, so this could be checked too. When examining the results that messed up the original roborumble rating beyond repair, I saw results of 20000 against 16000 (Thats what you get when running OneOnOne with MELEE=YES). For the time being I let my client running (unattended) for ABC's server, as I don't really have the time for bughunting. Your effort however seems promising. Good luck. -- GrubbmGait

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