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Getting into the top 5 in 1-v-1 would require a tremendous time investment. Melee and teams are largely ignored. I'd need to spend forever learning the latest tricks to be competitive in mini/micro/nano bots. It's just not worth it. Convince me that I'm wrong. :-)

--David Alves

(Convince here)

Honestly, I would rather you stay away. I have a hard enough time beating your older bots. While you are at it, please keep iiley distracted too. :^P -- jim

Ha ha, that was funny, jim! :-D... and David, why should we need to motivate you? You are the only one who would know why Robocoding is fun for you. We all have our own reasons. --Vic

I'm sure there are people interested in melee or teams, but no one has started any competition yet there. You could. My suggestion is that you write a simple Robot (because that competition is currently just myself and Kawigi) because that's not much of a time investment. Then if that's still fun, maybe consider looking into what's going on in the megabot world. -- Alcatraz

Well, Robocode is still fun. It might be hard work to get a MegaBot into top-5, but so it should be. It's not like the days when I entered Robocode and could place really lousy bots in the top-10 (hey, Gouldingi once reached #6 in EternalRumble general class). But it's still fun. In my view it's the raised level that does it. There are still inventions to be made. Vic is trying to explore new areas for Targeting techniques. I think the way Locke deals with WaveSurfers is pretty promising. NanoBots are largely unexplored still in both OneOnOne and Melee. And Pugilist is in bad need of competition. -- PEZ

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