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I'm jealous, all the other old timers have an /Inspiration page. :-(

Well, my first random movement was almost identical to DuelistMicro's. That's until I downloaded DuelistMicro and realized it, so I decided to try something else. So in a way you inspired Raiko's movement. ;-)

The time-since-last-stationary segment which I used (and still use in a modified form) was the first segment I created in the first gun I wrote, because I figured it would help me hit the Duelists.

So I have been inspired, many times, by trying to beat or better your bots. And DuelistMicro is still a problem bot for RaikoMX. Grrr... ;-) -- Jamougha

Well, you and Albert where the ones guiding me into Robocode land! And you also made sure the wiki quickly got expert level content. Who knows what track the wiki would have took if you and Albert wouldn't have started the generous trend. Also you inspired me to start open sourcing my bots. -- PEZ

That's kind of funny considering that we usually take the opposite sides of the argument these days. :-p --David Alves

Haven't we always? Dynamics! -- PEZ

I meant opposite from the ones we used to. Now you're the one who's advocating open source, e.g. the open source rule in the olympics. :-P --David Alves

I don't think I have ever advocated closed source, but you have a point there. I view it as I have matured in my view of my Robocode code. What direction have you traveled in? =) In any case, my vote in the Olympics should probably be removed. I don't think I'll be spending much time on participating there. I rather work with getting entry to The2000Club. -- PEZ

Sorry for not writing this first, David. Davidīs idea of his test bot JALT inspired my SilverSurfer. I have to say that David is also a the source of a huge disappointment to me: Before discovering wiki pages, i was playing around with the Duelists series, and thought that the man behind the davidalves package could be a brazilian too... -- Axe

I speak Portuguese (badly), for what that's worth. :-) My grandparents were from Portugal, Ilha da Madeira. --David Alves

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