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How well can you hit Phoenix? Let's make it a challenge!

Download the non-firing version of Phoenix here: http://davidalves.net/robocode/robots/davidalves.Phoenix_0.855TC.jar

Bot Author Score
SeaSerpent Kev 76.36
Dookious 1.25 Voidious 68.1
Lukious 1.10 Voidious 65.72
Garm dev. Krabb 65.
NekoAngel dev6 Chase-san 63.77
Ugluk 11/22 Martin 62.29
Velshea 1.0.0 Chase-san 48.04
GresSuffurd 0.1.6 GrubbmGait 30.49

Hmm, interesting results. Krabb or Martin, could you see if Phoenix is enabling its flattener? You should see something like "Flattener mode: automatic (currently enabled)" in the console. --David Alves

Are you you expecting our guns to perform more poorly? Ugluk's latest published gun tests are ranked 16th in the 2K6 challenge, and this test uses one less segment (that didn't seem to be adding anything). Still, I am re-running the test and so far after 65 rounds the flattener still reports it is currently disabled. -- Martin
I ended the retest after 100 rounds of the flattener not engaging.

The flattener stays disabled against GresSuffurd, but it does not have a very good (or even adequate) anti-surfer gun. -- GrubbmGait

Might as well bring this up now ... should we start planning a Targeting Challenge 2K7? I've been embarassed by my TC2K6 reference bot for nearly a year now. -- Martin

Yeah, I have been pondering the TC2K7 idea for a while. I don't think it needs to be "harder" than the current one, but I think it could be a lot more accurate as a benchmark. I guess I should save some of that discussion for the TargetingChallenge2K7 page... -- Voidious

@Martin: Well, I set the threshold for enabling the flattener at around 67, and once it turns the flattener on it never turns it back off... So I was curious if either Garm or Ugluk got above that threshold. Although I don't know if Phoenix deciding to flatten would help or hurt your scores. --David Alves

Awesome score, Kev! Wow. -- Voidious

Kev got me curious, so I ran Lukious. Flattener did get enabled, btw. -- Voidious

Wow, Kev. Any idea what makes SeaSerpent hit Phoenix so well? --David Alves

SeaSerpent uses a pattern matcher, which Phoenix looks relatively weak against from the MovementChallenge2K6. The flattener turning on would probably help SeaSerpent even more; pattern matchers don't care at all about flat profiles. -- Kev

And thus, one of the oldest Robocode technologies once again surfaces to be one of the best solutions to hacking down more modern technology (this is kinda like catapulting a nuke at a stealth fighter, it might be a nuke, but its still fired from a catapult). --Chase-san

You'll be glad to know your bots flattener kicked in early, around round 9 and saved it. -- Chase-san

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