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A combination of Dookious' gun, and DrussGT's movement. Ranked 2097 after 1700+ battles.

So DrussGT's movement needs to improve 26 points worth. And, at this level in the rankings, Dookious' gun is 39 points stronger than Raiko's.

If DrussiousGT 2.0 ends up 8-10 points above DrussGT (which is how it's looking), I think that gives you a high likelihood of having the strongest DC gun out there - and if not, very close to it. Nice job! -- Voidious

What about Simontons? Or Shadows? --Chase-san

Well, this result shows that Dooki's gun is 9-10 points stronger than DrussGT's. Simonton's gun on Dooki's movement (Dookiton?) showed a diff of 10-11 points. With drift and the different movements, you cannot make a sure call, but they are definitely very close. From what I've seen, I didn't think Shadow (or Chalk) were quite within 10 points of Dooki's gun, but I could certainly be wrong. Where's that WSGunChallenge when you need it... -- Voidious

I'm surprised how strong the gun is! It just goes to show that the TargetingChallengeRM doesn't show anything about rumble performance. The time-since-lateral-direction-change attribute didn't help at all in the TCRM, but it boosted me 5+ points in the rumble!

So there are still 12 points in my movement....urgh. I'll have to give my 'random segment' idea an overhaul. And maybe a flattener as well. I was really hoping that my movement was stronger than that, after all the work I've put into it. I must have spent at least 10 times as much work on the movement as on the gun, and it turns out that the movement is the one that's lacking more. And I'll have to try and make a more memory-efficient way of storing my buffers. Having lots of dimensions with a size of 1 takes more memory, I think. And it's slower to load and retrieve them. But I still have some gun ideas, so watch out! Thanks for the use of your gun, Voidious!-- Skilgannon

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