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Energy is the lifeblood of a Robot. Robots usually start with 100 energy. In a Team battle, Droids start with 120, Leader?s start with 200, and Droid Leaders start with 220.

You lose energy when you are hit by bullets, rammed, ram, or, if you are an AdvancedRobot, when you hit wall?s. You gain energy when a bullet you fired hits another robot.

If you have 0 energy you are disabled. If you take damage when you are disabled, you die.

i thought this was funny and Padawan could still move -- Gorded

If the energy is lower than 0.1 but more than 0.0, it shows 0.0 but you can still move. It is wise not to shoot in such a case, as the minimum power of a bullet is 0.1, meaning you get disabled immediately. -- GrubbmGait

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