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A robot is disabled when it has 0 energy. It can not fire or move, so will almost certainly die, unless a bullet fired just before being disabled hits another robot, bringing its energy back above 0.

for guessfactor guns, you usually do not want to let your waves register hiting after they are disabled.or at least i have seen that somewhere --andrew

That goes for any type of gun. Don't collect data for a situation where you never need it. -- PEZ

0.0 is not disabled--andrew

0 is disabled. 0.0 can be a rounded figure. -- PEZ

In one battle that i was watching, two bots that were disabled kept moving! It must be a bug or something... --Starrynte

When the energy is higher than 0.0 but lower than 0.1 it shows 0.0. It is no bug, just a rounded number. When you have no energy left, you are Disabled. -- GrubbmGait

Then it is a bug in another way because the battle screen said Disabled (i didn't get the screenshot, unfortunately) --Starrynte

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