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Greetings. Robots forthcoming. I've set up shop on the new wiki at http://testwiki.roborumble.org/w/index.php?title=User:Excession

My first draft bot, with GuessFactorTargeting based on the tutorial and my own dive-bombing (spiraling and circling) movement wins 15% of the time against Marshmallow 1.9.7 and 55% of the time against Grinnik 0.6, based on one 100-round battle against each. I'm very pleased with this and am anxious to continue development. I'll be officially releasing Mark I of my first bot next Wednesday. -- 13-Jun-08 Excession

Welcome to the RoboWiki! =) -- Voidious

Welcome indeed! May your bots find success once they've came forth :) -- Rednaxela

Wow, no slipping into this wiki under the radar, eh? :) We have a in-company robocode competition on June 18th so latest then I'll have something running. I'll publish it here too. -- Excession

Actually I'll publish it on the new test wiki. -- Excession

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