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Many bots, from PrairieWolf to Marshmallow to Cigaret, have been known to turn around and ram an opponent who is disabled, because the ram kill bonus is higher than a bullet kill bonus. Every little point counts! David Alves has been known to say, "Rammers are cool!" Some would go so far as to not shoot an enemy with low energy in hopes he'll get himself disabled for a ram finish. Cigaret will actually chase a living opponent around if they're not firing to ram them.

If one wanted to be particularly dramatic, one could do a little dance before ramming their opponent (I made a robot that does this I think, but I never released it). The sound version of SpareParts also plays a sound clip when he does this (although I don't remember if the ramming code works).

No, please don't make it do a little dance before it kills you, anyone who has had problem with being ritually massacred by wolverine will know how annoying it is , when you've taken a beating and then the opponent rubs it in. If anyone is going to havea finishing move please make sure i can beat your bot... :) --Brainfade

if (e.getName().indexOf("Roosevelt") >= 0)

Like that? -- Kawigi

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