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A small robot I wrote to defeat David Alves' Duelist. David's continuous bragging about Duelist was becoming a bit too annoying and something had to be done (ha ha). ;-)

It's movement is very simple: mirror the enemy's movement through the center of the battlefield. For aiming and firing, it uses a technique similar to SandBoxMini?'s VirtualBullets, except without the brute force. HumblePieLite is a MiniBot sized version of this robot.

-- Ray Vermette


--David Alves

Now, now, now... David's bragging wasn't that bad. <tease>I got used to it after a day or two ;-p </tease> --Dummy, j/k

If it's any consolation David, I'd really like to create a HumblePie for SandBox, but I haven't figured out a way to beat it yet -- something you can lay claim to! Cheers! -- Ray Vermette

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