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LinearTargeting when target's heading doesn't change.
CircularTargeting when target's heading does change.

Beats SampleBots.

I though that any implementation of CircularTargeting would act like LinearTargeting when the heading does not change. At least my iterative method does. -- GrubbmGait

I used to do this. But my hit rate drops when using only CircularTargeting on sample.Walls. See battles between stelo.RamTrackSurfer vs sample.Walls (LinearCircularTargeting) and stelo.MirrorMicro vs sample.Walls (CircularTargeting)

-- Stelokim

I think you've got something wrong with your circular targeting algorithm then. If your opponent is moving with 0 rate of turn and you project that movement using circular targeting, it should come out the same as using linear targeting. -- Martin

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Last edited October 12, 2006 3:04 EST by Martin Alan Pedersen (diff)