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I should probably know this... But who's Wodan? -- PEZ

I prefer the names used by my forfathers over the better known names from the Scandinavian mythology as described e.g. in the Edda. But i must admit i an not very consequent: one of my first bots was called Zeo, the local name for Tiu or Tyr (which is one my later bots).

And you will meet him sometime. But not as long as it's beeing trashed by nearly all top-40 bots. I think it should live up to it's name... -- Loki

Ah, thanks. I wasn't even aware there were variants of the names. Of course, in Sweden we call this particular god "Oden" so I should have figured. -- PEZ

The variants in the names are probably just a textual representation of the local dialect: Wodan was also called Wotan or Woden. The latter is almost similar to your Oden. So instead of giving the bot a version number i could also give it a slightly different name each time i change it :-) --Loki

Nice idea, but i would advice against it for the simple reason that there isn't a set order for name variations (beyond alphabetical, i guess, but that wouldn't really work all that well). -- Tango

I added a picture you might or might not like. =) It's linked from a page about the Nordic gods: http://www.ur.se/forntiden/gudatest/gudar.php It's in Swedish of course, and for children, but anyway. -- PEZ

Here is some more reading about [[Loki]].

Hi all, i am back from a long absense. Too much work and too much travelling. But i hope i can spend some spare time to Robocode again. What is/are the latest hype(s) in Robocode? --Loki

Houdoe, no real hypes lately, just some more focus on melee and the ImplementsDroidCompetition, but you discovered that already. Btw, you are ranked as third Dutch now, as I will enter the top-50 end of this week, still without PM or GF gun :-p -- GrubbmGait

... only ranked as the third Dutch bot... It's realy time for a new entry. And congratulations! Over a year ago your bots were still for from the top-50. And I will have to think and work hard to regain some ground. p.s. "Houdoe"; zeggen ze dat ook in Overijsel, of ben je achter de naam van mijn woonplaats/provincie gekomen ;-) --Loki

Ergens in een discussie met Vic had je het over 'Brabantse', zodoende. Yes, I remember my first entry. I have put in on the GrubbmGait page just to keep me from getting to cocky. -- GrubbmGait

Your latest version of Freya really jumps forward in melee. My todo-list is just too long (and I have almost no time) to have an adequate answer shortly. Be prepared however . . . --GrubbmGait

i am still following Robocode developments, but when will i have time to really create some new robots again??? --Loki

I hope it is soon. I use your bots as a yardstick, mostly because I spotted Freya on the repository when I started with Robocode and it kicks some ass. My supervisor is also named Freya (a Filipino woman) so there's probably some reinforcement to best it. Eventually. - Martin Alan Pedersen / Ugluk

thanks. i see you already passed my favourite bot miniFenrir! succes on further improving Ugluk! --Loki

With your latest updates you're the best Dutch in mini-oneonone, minimelee, melee and teams. Before New-Year's Day you will have lost two of them to me. ;-) -- GrubbmGait

I am satisfied (for the moment). En ik neem de handschoen op want ik wil die posities niet meer kwijt. -- Loki

You do not have to improve your bots any further, due to my 'improvements' you are getting the titles for free :-( -- GrubbmGait

I've gotta say your bots run very fast. You updated three bots in the rumble at once but they were all processed overnight (I had 3 cpu's running the rumble last night). Good work. -- Martin

20060529: Freya 0.80 suddenly looses by a big margin in the meleerumble. Maybe you are running it in TC-mode? -- GrubbmGait

Help, my new internet account is blocked by the wiki. I can't edit pages. My provider is something like "kpnplanet.nl". PEZ, can you "un-block" me, or do you need more data? thanks! p.s. please ignore the i.p.addres i currently use. --Loki

I don't see that hostname on the banned list, so I guess it must be the IP range. Could you e-mail the IP to me? My handle at gmail.com. -- Voidious

ok, i can edit the wiki again. Voidious an dPEZ: Thanks! --Loki

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