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DNA? please do tell! =) --Vic

Well first of all it uses the Pez gun.

For the movement it has 5 bins. The bins are represented ans chromosomes of the DNA. It chooses the fittest one for each move. If it get hit it furtilises that bin and punises. It has many bugs and errors here and there. The bot has alot of code which is very hard to handle also. Now I'm try to fix these ugly bugs. -SSO?

Sounds interesting! The score isn't too bad if you consider that it has bugs and errors. btw, on the page RoboRumble/CountryFlags you can ask PEZ to link a flag to your 'metal' package that will show in in the ranking pages. --Vic

metal.small.dna2.MCoolDNA 1.4,2365

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