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Team USA

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As a democratic people, I figured we should bring this issue to a vote as well. Should we participate if the following rules are in place?

Y = yes, N = no, A = abstain (from voicing an opinion?), W = I will withdraw from competition if this is a requirement.
Rules voting
Rules KawigiDanAlcatrazDavid AlvesnanoMikeScoob
Every bot has to be open source? A A N N N N N
Only bots from active participants? Y Y N Y Y Y Y

My opinion is that bots should be open source within the team, only. -- Kawigi

But, I'm not sure if I trust myself to see my code. =) -- PEZ

PEZ makes a good point. I certainly would want PEZ to see *my* code, if I were PEZ. -- Tango

I won't withdraw if the open-source requirement stays, but I probably won't do anything larger than a micro if it does. --David Alves

I considered trying to figure out what the heck Tango is trying to say, but I then asked myself what all those people are doing here from east of the Atlantic. (j/k, I can't stop you from coming to our page) -- Kawigi

I too tried and failed. =) -- PEZ

Sorry. I was being extremely English on an American page. I should have know better, I'm not suprised you didn't follow it. English Sarcasm is rarely understood by foreigners. -- Tango

... and yet American oddities are all over international media. Why can't we do stuff no one understands? -- Kawigi

like invade Iraq? ;-) --David Alves

That was perfectly understandable! The reasoning was, ah, did we have a reason?--Dan

My thinking is that we should participate, regardless of the rules. We can easily just restrict ourselves to whatever rules are decided by the participating members. To not participate because of a rule we don't like would be childish, I think. However, I do not believe that open-source is the correct choice here, as long as the goal is competition. If the goal of this "Olympics" is more open-source bots, then fine. However, I would think an "Olympic" competition would be more about competition between the participating countries, including using secret techniques that allow the competing members to have an edge over their competitors, without fear of losing that edge. The heart of Robocode is the competition between coders, and without it Robocode loses a lot of interest for me. -- nano

You have a point there. Many of the American team members of the last track and field world championships didn't shy from using secret weapons. =) You can view the open source rule as our "doping test" if you like. -- PEZ

Besides, we're not talking about some general "ban closed source" in Robocode. It's just this Olympic event we're discussing. And doing it open source adds an element of "who dares wins" to it. I like that spice! -- PEZ (It's so silent on the Swedish team space, and I don't understand what the Brazilian team are talking about, that's why i pester your page. =)

I think that within the team we should have open source. I would go so far as to say that maybe we should open up the design ideas, any API we might decide upon, and any Interfaces we plan on using before hand. The actual implementation should be closed source until after the competition. No sense in working against ourselves. After the competion we could publish the code. -- jim

Yes, I don't think we are talking about having to show the code to others during the preparations. -- PEZ

I think the robocode security manager is our "doping test". Anything that it lets through is fair, open source or not. Requiring open source bots is more like requiring that you publish the exact methods that you used to train your atheletes. --David Alves

I tend to agree with David here, I was confused by what you could've meant by doping test. There aren't exactly a whole lot of ways to exploit robocode, and they're all painfully obvious (ex: Teleport). Anything that's allowed codewise should be allowed, so what kind of "doping" are you looking for? -- Kuuran

I agree with the comment PEZ posted on the Olympic/Votings page, and the one by jim. The bots should be allowed to be kept sercet until the beginning of the competition.

Live in California?
KawigiDanAlcatrazDavid AlvesnanojimScoob
Afraid I need to correct whoever said I lived in California. -- Kawigi

I assume we'll be participating in all the events currently listed? -- nano

I'm happy to, and then some. Teams will be an interesting one. David and I have worked on them before, but it seems that we likely have Portugal, England and Switzerland at least to try to deal with there. We'll have to do our homework. -- Kawigi

Hmm. Maybe I can make something competitive within the week and not be a little pest? --Goofy

This topic has gone unspoken about recently, but I'm thinking about assembling some team code and putting it together as TeamUSA?. Anyone else want to fiddle with it if I do? -- Kawigi

Sounds like fun. -- Alcatraz

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