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I'm the author of the original SquigBot, one of the first robocode bots out.

I am a Software Engineer in the UK, working on artificially intelligent camera systems for people counting, retail queue monitoring, fire detection, and security systems.

I've not had the time to update the SquigBot since early 2002, so it is no longer anywhere near cutting edge, but I might get around to it someday :P

I can be contacted on Pogsquog@hotmail.com I have a website at www.squigsoft.com

~Stuart Holliday (Pog)

Welcome to the wiki! Nice to see that robocoders of the first hour have not forgotten this time-consuming hobby. If you are planning to enter the original SquigBot (or a remake) into the competition, please check out the RoboRumble/Participants and/or RoboRumble/MeleeParticipants page. -- GrubbmGait

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