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So the increased granularity of the gun segmentation slows learning down a bit too much it seems. But it makes for a pretty good PremierLeague bot since this segmentation seems strong against the more sophisticated movers. -- PEZ

According to the TargetingChallenge/Results I have a badly broken gun in Pugilist. I must check the results though, since 1973 rating points with a 87.59 TC gun sounds pretty incredible. But if it holds true I have a point or two to collect by fixing the gun. =) -- PEZ

Well, it seems that it is the smoothing of the gun stats that "breaks" the gun. Now I have an interesting case where two versions of P have about the same rumble rating (1973 and 1972, which is within the margin of error) but dramatically different gun ratings (87.59 and 92.06 respectively)... I know of only one difference in movement in these two bots; the number of stat bins for the enemy waves. Either the TC gun performance doesn't matter at all or the movement is much better with more stat bins. I might let an interim version of P become a megabot just to check... (It costs me bytes to use different number of bins for gun and movement.) -- PEZ

Forget versions They shared a huge smoothing bug. I'll try those configs later probably. -- PEZ

Funny. With I tried to make P stronger against the weak, scrificing strength against the strong. But it came out the other way around. -- PEZ

Not so funny. It's rather depressing that all my tries with purer surfing (the 1.9 line) so fails to collect even close to the points the wall-bouncing 1.6 line does.... And frustrating to! -- PEZ

Ah! My new 1.9 approach together with Axe's good advice to allow wall bouncing at really close ranges made jump up to compete with the stupid 1.6.4 line. Nice! I don't think the 2K club had a slot for 1.6.4.*. But I'm pretty sure a chair is free there for 1.9.3 and up. -- PEZ

Gah! I just realized I have a quite huge bug in the surfing of Wonder if I dare fix it. =) -- PEZ

Ha! finally managed to grab #1 in minirumble!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was hard work. Now P is the highest ranked mini in general rumble, #1 in minirumble and doesn't lose against one single minibot. Maybe a candidate for mini TheBestBot? It's more fun to say yes! =) -- PEZ

Hey, that seems very strong (1990+ with 500 battles!), itīs a gun improvement or movement? -- Axe

Strongest Pugilist ever! =) It was movement segmentation changes. Lost a lot against some bots, but gained more over all. -- PEZ

Seems that 1.9.5 solved that DevilFish? problem:
Marcelo.Alpha.[DevilFISH 1]?.3 92.8 2 16-5-2004:2:32 83.2 9.5
What do u think that solved the problem, that bouncing ifs or was it anything else? -- Axe

It was solved with Yes, the wall-bouncing-when-close really helps. But I also shortened the blind-mans-stick at close ranges, which makes P go less steep at the enemy when in close combat. It also gives me a wall-avoidance problem though which I am not sure how to counter. I think that on average P hits the wall two times each round. Not good!! -- PEZ

Truly strange that i doesn't perform like 1.9.7. Obviously I don't understand my own code... -- PEZ

I still don't get it. In 1.9.7 I fire an EnemyWave every tick. And if the enemy has fired I flag the wave as surfable. Then I only use surfable waves to update my reverse and forward danger guesses. In I instead only fire enemy waves when the enemy fires. No need for a "surfable" flag then. This is the only difference. Apart from almost 20 rating points that is... -- PEZ

Ha! Another 2K member, surelly feels good, ain't? Congratulations! Register it in The2000Club. -- Axe

I just did. And it sure feels good. Do I need to remind you P is a mini? =) -- PEZ

(edit conflict!) And is also the first member of The2000Club/Mini! What was afterall the feature that gave u the 2K? -- Axe

"The feature" was to go back to Aristocles gun. It was that strange targeting bug that gave me the hint. It seems that the wall segmentation is really important. I'm tweaking it as of now and I think I can improve the gun a little more. We'll soon see if I'm right. Apollon was the first member of that club though. Depending on the entry rules I guess. -- PEZ

You did it! Great stuff, congratulations! :) -- ABC

Thanks! Glad I took that screen shot while I was still above 2K. It seems that fighting minis only drags my rating down. I just might release my first MegaBot in months just because of this. =) -- PEZ

Yes, the client makes sure every bot in every class gets 500 battles. -- PEZ

Let me clarify that. First the client fills up a bots 500 battles in the general rumble. Then, if the bot is a mini, the client starts running mini battles until the bot has 500 battles fought there. (And this goes on if it's a micor or nano.) This means that after 500 rounds Pugilist had the general mix of battles. But then battles against minis start to get over representated. I don't quite understand why this lowers the rating for P, but it seems to be quite a consistant pattern. -- PEZ

Congratulations on joining The2000Club, PEZ!! It is well deserved since you are probably the most persistent robocoder around. --Vic

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