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People who have written a bot with a RoboRumble@Home rating of over 2000 points with at least 1000 battles fought in the mini 1-v-1 category. (500 until October 3rd, 2007)

Name FlagBot Date of admission Screenshot
1. rozu Apollon 0.21 March 17th, 2004[arch-ranking]
2. PEZ Pugilist June 2nd, 2004 [arch-ranking]
3. Voidious Komarious 1.23 April 8th, 2006
4. Simonton WeeksOnEnd 1.1 January 11, 2007
5. Kev Vyper 0.311 April 11, 2007 [screenshot]

This would be Pugilist and Apollon.

Komarious has joined this club, drinks are on the house!

Thanks, Grubb, that's good to hear - I certainly can't afford to be paying for 'em ;) -- Voidious

Make a table with join dates! --David Alves

Made a table. Maybe Pugilist breached the 2000-barrier a few weeks earlier, but that could not be found in the archives. -- GrubbmGait

Hey Simonton, I was watching WeeksOnEnd 1.0 for when it reached 500 battles in the mini rumble, but it didn't before you posted 1.1. You should leave 1.1 in until it hits 500 so we can officially welcome you to the club =) -- Voidious

Well, that's very kind of you! I was planning to just draw in my distancing variable and re-submit for the night. Too bad it's such a SlowBot!! (And such a stinkin' memory hog or I could let other people's clients run it). Guess I'll just play with it on my machine privately tonight. But yeah, thanks! -- Simonton

Ok, well, I was probably supposed to wait for someone else to do this, but ... WELCOME, SIMONTON!! Ok, there. Sorry, I just wanted to get 1.2 rolling, that's all :). -- Simonton

Nah, you can do it yourself ;) Great job and welcome! -- Voidious

Maybe I should make a mini. I've only made nano's, mega's, sonnet's, and haiku's. Just one question, are there any Micro surfers or is that still yet impossible? --Chase-san

Artist is a micro surfer, and I thought Iiley had an attempt at one, too, but I'm not sure what bot it is. -- Voidious

Looks like it's Blur. -- Kawigi

Congrats Kev, a tremendous achievement to get a non-surfer into this exclusive club! (picture will be present tonight) -- GrubbmGait

Thanks! That sure felt a lot easier than getting WaveSerpent up there (it took me about 5 releases to get from 1999-2000!). -- Kev

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