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The RoboRumble@Home Uploaders Competition

Earn glory. Place yourself on this list:

Rankings: [For current season] Overall

See RoboRumble/TemporaryServerUp for details on how to set up the client for the current server.

Read my thoughts on /HowToWin (besides the obvious solution, which is to start robocode on 100 computers) --David Alves

You can download a minimal set of bots from http://davidalves.net/robocode/robots/bots.zip Delete your /robots and /.robotcache directories and delete robot.database from the main folder, then extract the zip into /robots. The first time it starts up after you do this, robocode will take a long time to extract all the bot JARs. Once that initial slow loading is done, robocode should run much faster on each iteration. --David Alves

Looks like it uploaded too many results for too few battles. Strange... -- Jonathan

Might not be a bug. Don't forget that the client can upload up to 4 results per battle. If two nanobots are the roborumble are selected to fight each other, the result is uploaded to roborumble, minirumble, microrumble, and nanorumble. So if you're seeing the same pairing uploaded 4 times, check if they are nanos. I don't think it works the other way around though... battles fought in nanorumble aren't loaded into higher weight classes. At least, they shouldn't be, because that would skew the results for nanos in game roborumble. --David Alves Let's keep the pace up. While we were at the peak a new version of a bot could get it's new rating in an hour! -- PEZ

Why does RR@H keep locking up? Very frustrating. It did not do that in the past and it is now. Anyone have any clues? Should we start collecting data on pairings to see if there is a correlation? -- jim

Locking up, how? -- PEZ

It just stops. CPU usage drops to zero and it does not respond to keyboard input. It hangs there until I kill it and restart it again. -- jim

David, are you using one or two computers to run battles? It seems you can deliver 50% more than I can. -- PEZ

Mostly just my desktop, when I'm not using it. Sometimes I also use my laptop, but not very often. It's *much* slower at running battles than the desktop, significantly slower than you would expect given the difference in specs. Yesterday I didn't deliver as many as usual because I was using running targeting challenges for a few hours during the evening, then a program on normal priority got stuck in an endless cycle throwing OutOfMemoryErrors? sometime during the night. RRAH is on low priority so I think it was CPU starved for a few hours. --David Alves

Next time you're going to end the season, I'd be happy to send you my roborumble.txt file and agree to only run battles on my desktop until one of us reaches 10K. That way we can get a measure of how fast our desktops deliver battles. I think we both have very fast computers so a difference in battles / hour might be due to AMD vs. Intel? --David Alves

Yes. That'll be a fun test. I'm sure you're going to win with a comfy margin. But I think maybe the big issue here is hyper threading and the way Robocode doesn't cope with it. My machine runs RC in only "half" of its CPU because of this. -- PEZ

Accumlated since temporary server started:

 245226 David Alves
 145499 PEZ
  64867 Axe
  53742 ABC
  42942 Pulsar
  40818 JIM
  32749 Jonathan
  26071 m3thos
  20590 MUE
  18717 trab
  16141 iiley
   9315 MN
   7400 VIC2
   6149 VIC
   5719 STRIDER
   3600 ph
   1243 ALCATRAZ
    677 NATHANEL
    141 Goofy
    113 DavidAlves
     89 LOKI
     66 Deathcon
     50 Luke G
     40 AXE
      5 Davides
      1 Davids
If my math is correct that sums up to 742,045 battles. Quite awesome!

-- PEZ

Cool, 1/3. ;-) --David Alves

Latest season:

  22709	David Alves
  20575	ABC
  15826	Toz
  15411	Pulsar
  10087	PEZ
   4501	iiley
   4035	Axe
   3658	trab
   1922	MUE
    963	JIM
    821	MN
    612	ALCATRAZ
    106	toz
-- PEZ

Pulsar, what computer(s) are you running RRAH on? --David Alves

Various computers and far from all the times. One P4 2.8GHz, one P3 800MHz and a 1.7 or 1.8GHz P4 at work and very rarley a laptop P4 1.5-1.6 (not the fancy Pentium M or anything). --Pulsar

It might be time to end the season PEZ :-) --David Alves

Yeah, I'll do it when I get home today. -- PEZ

Did you delete the results for the last season without adding them to this page? I was at about 75000 :-( --David Alves

No. I just forgot to run check the results before restarting the season. But no worries! Here are the results:

  74345 David Alves
  55349 Pulsar
  43992 PEZ
  35437 ABC
   9174 trab
   6843 Toz
   6125 Axe
   4548 iiley
   1802 MUE
-- PEZ

Latest season:

  33870	David Alves
  23213	PEZ
  21867	Pulsar
  20827	ABC
    880	iiley
    614	MUE
    102	Axe
     14	MN
-- PEZ

The current season looks like this:

   3988	PEZ
   3085	Pulsar
   2759	ABC
    562	David Alves
We lack quite a few uploaders and it seems that our major contributor has quit delivering. Are you going to fire your clients up again any soon David? -- PEZ

Latest season:

  27106	PEZ
  14440	Pulsar
   6851	ABC
    562	David Alves
     73	iiley
-- PEZ

Latest season:

  36882	David Alves
  20503	PEZ
  19094	trab
  17910	Pulsar
  10577	ABC
   3339	DrZ
   2902	GrubbmGait
   1646	VIC

Sorry, was on a ski trip and forgot to leave it running. It's on again now, as you can see. :-) --David Alves

Are Teambattles also counted for this competition? If so, they should have a multiply factor, because they are sloooooooow. And even in this competition I am dangling behind . . . --GrubbmGait

How long exactly is a season? The current one already accumulated 150k+ battles. --GrubbmGait

A seasons length can't be described in exact terms. =) I'll try to remember to cycle the seasons tonight. -- [[PEZ]

Latest season:

  49808 PEZ
  45857 trab
  32067 David Alves
  28341 ABC
   7561 DrZ
   5139 Pulsar
   4444 GrubbmGait
   2094 MUE
    297 iiley
-- PEZ

Latest season:

 198647	Pulsar
 152461	PEZ
  89709	ABC
  60501	rozu
  53345	GrubbmGait
  16341	MN
  12284	JIM
   7604	F4kill
   6828	mue
   5053	trab
   1021	DrZ
    858	ALBERT
    356	ph
    181	Axe
    121	ALCATRAZ
     98	Toz
     37	iiley

-- PEZ

Why not use the "Overall" and "For current season" options at the top of this post. Would make for a cleaner and more professional look. Dont know how much work it is, but probably worth it. -- Toz

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