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As PEZ noted, I turned in a lot more battles today than yesterday. If you work out the math, I averaged 443 battles / hour yesterday from the time the contest was announced to the time that the winner was announced. During the same time period Pulsar averaged 464 battles / hour (He started with a 4800 battle lead). From the time that the winner was announced yesterday to right now, I have averaged 602 battles / hour, using the same 2 computers as before.

Here's how...

I noticed that my laptop spent a looong time on battle 0... presumably loading robocode in the background. So step 1 was to raise the number of battles per iteration. More battles per iteration means that I'm spenging more time running battles and less time loading. I set that to 100.

Another thing I noticed was that my laptop was a little slower at running battles, but was MUCH slower at loading robocode. I attribute this to cheap laptop hard drives - they tend to have very small caches, spin at low rpms, etc. So in order to decrease the amount of time my laptop spends loading data from the disk, I deleted every bot from .robotcache and from /robots that wasn't in the competition. I also deleted the robot.database to force robocode to rebuild it. This cut the loading time down, drastically, maybe about 1/2 what it used to be.

Lastly I noticed that I kept getting assigned SlowBots as focussed competitors, SlowBots that already had plenty of battles! I think I got assigned Cigaret about 5 times. 100 rounds of Cigaret takes quite a while. So every time I got assigned Cigaret, I killed the client and restarted it. I changed the batch file to notify me when the battle was starting so I could check if it was Cigaret. I also monitored my desktop using Remote Desktop.

I'm sure there are other clever things you can do to increase your battles / hour, so (in the spirit of the wiki) play around and let us know what you find!

--David Alves

P.S. It's now 23.5 hours (I'm too sleepy to stay up for 24) since PEZ reset the competition, and during that time I have turned in 14440 battles, for a 1-day average of 614.5 battles / hour.

Since I'm still up, I finished the 24 hours with 15005 battles, 625.2 battles / hour. Now I really must get to bed. :-) --David Alves

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