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If two robots are moving in the same direction (and both forward), but the one in front is moving more slowly, and the one behind hits it, is that counted as a ram for both of them? --BenHorner

This is from the [Robocode FAQ]?:

 Q: What happens when a my robot hits another robot?
 A: If your robot was moving towards the other robot when hitting it (i.e. ramming), your robot's move is marked as
    complete, and your robot receives 1.2 score points.   Both robots takes a constant 0.6 damage.

I don't know why I was considering to be a better source of information than the javadoc comments... Just because I read it before I knew the javadocs existed I guess. =) Now I will have to test it to find out which is right! --BenHorner

Ok, I just did a test, I rammed SittingDuck to death with Interactive before the countdown started... Interactive was disabled at the end (both received 0.6 damage per ram) and it scored 290.
Total Score 290
Survival 50
Surv Bonus 10
Bullet Dmg 0
Bullet Bonus0
Ram Dmg * 2 200
Ram Bonus 30
I'm thinking the non survival score 230 = 290 - 50 - 10 comes from: 30% bonus for the 100 actual damage done, and then 2 score points for each point of damage. So ram damage is the same for rammer and rammee, and I think the multiplier for score has changed from 1.2 to 2 since the FAQ was written... each point of ram damage is worth 2 score points (as opposed to the 1 for 1 ratio on bullet damage), so for a single ram of 0.6 damage, you get 1.2 score points. --BenHorner

Read carefully, per ram you get 0.6 damage and 1.2 scoring 'bonus'. That is a factor 2. Totally you ram 100 damage and thus get a 200 scoring points. -- GrubbmGait

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