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Name: Gerben
Nick: Retonator
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Education: HBO(polytechnical university) Computer Science


I'm very intrested in programming, math and everything concerning thinking. i know a dozen languages running from c/c++,java,python,php,perl to clean(functional languages like haskell) to assembler(w32). i also like to develop very general multi-purpose systems (design patterns :D).
i also like to fully understand systems like robocode, with all the timing,ticks,classloading security thread management etc...


Didn't released any real bots, i looked into the source of a lot of bots and techniques very nice.


Welcome to the wiki! Do you plan to release any bots? I totally agree with you, robocode is quite interesting with those concepts. How it uses javas security model and classloading to make it safe for everyone to download other peoples robots without having to worry about security. -- Pulsar

Hey pulsar nice to meet you. At the moment i'm reading about techniques (wavesurfing,virtual bullets etc...)i'm curious where anti-grav movement went(that was the trend when i first learned of robocode)). But i actually waited for the moment that robocode became opensource i really like to get involved in making the best better OpenSourceRobocode/FeatureIdeas. But i will try to code some little bots to get the hang of the time functionality of robocode skippedturns and how robocode is balancing the time and resources between 2 bots. --Retonator

Welkom bij deze wiki. Nice to see another Dutch (I presume) interessee in Robocode-land. As for Antigravity movement, it is still alot used in melee. For one-on-one I think it turned out to be too predictable. -- GrubbmGait

Helemaal gelijk Gerben en HBO dat is vrij nederlands :D.Back to english. I have tryed robocode before like 1-2years ago, but now i really feel the urge to start on a "big" open-source project and to activly contribute to a community, i hope i can keep it up(need to learn alot though, about the wiki,robocode,roboleague etc..)but i think i should be nice to really improve the robocode as is, because we i look into the source some update's go as far as 2002 our something. ---Retonator

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