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I want to extend my deepest thanks to everyone. It's utterly cool how we all unite and fight these spamming morons like one man. The latest attack came as a suprise to me. I had relaxed this since some months ago when a patch to the wiki script put a stop to the attacks we had then. This one is also by far the fiercest of all attacks. -- PEZ

Here's how to revert vandalism for those who wonder:

  1. Open the page
  2. Click "View other revisions"
  3. Click the freshest unspammed revision
  4. Click "Edit revision X of this page"
  5. Enter summary like "Reverting vandalism"
  6. Click "Save"

To find spammed pages don't forget about the wiki's search function. In the most recent case a search for "blogspot.com" gives a complete list of unreverted pages. I right-click the pages up in a new window and follow the above procedure. Then closing that window brings me back to the search results.

If you find that the page is created by the spammer (there's no OK revision) edit the page and just enter "DELETION CANDIDATE" in it and also say in the summary something similar.

-- PEZ

May 19 2006: We have some breathing room now I hope. Voidious added a feature to the wiki script that should check if you're awake before allowing an edit to be saved. And GrubbmGait, Florent and Corbos helped cleaning up the crap the last spam bot had left behind. It was lots and lots of pages and no small task. Huge thanks to you all guys.

This also means that we have now grown the Admin force on this site to 500% of its original size. Now it is GrubbmGait, Florent, Corbos, Voidious and I. So if we need to lock the site again it is not dependent on just me being awake.

To infinity and beyond!

-- PEZ

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