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A new version is in the works, rewritten from scratch.

--David Alves

You might be looking for the current version - /Version014 -- PEZ

Is the new version going to speed up things by not clearing the color buffer or something? Tell us. :-) -- Jonathan

"Clearing the color buffer"? I'm not sure what you mean... But no, better performance is not a priority. More useful debugging tools, using a maintained OpenGL port instead of an abandoned one, better integration with Robocode, and easier setup are on my to do list. --David Alves

Nobody undertands Jonathan... Just kiddin man, but please be more clear in your postings... -- Axe

Sorry about that, you just have to 'get it'... -- Jonathan

I'm a surfer... WaveSurfer, but still a surfer... It's hard to me... (See? this is a good pull-the-pin-and-swallow-the-granade technique that works!) :) -- Axe

I found a way to access the GLPreferencesDialog? from the menu bar. In RobocodeMenuBar? getOptionsMenu?() is private, but getMenu() is always public, so just add your JMenuItem? to getMenu(2). I got it working in seconds once I figured out [how menus work]. -- Jonathan

Thanks, but integration with Robocode is no longer hard. More on that soon. ;-) --David Alves

David, i am thinking to make some add-ons to RC: 1. to put %s in the results table. 2. To send the debug to a (zipped) file (optional). Dunno when im going to start this, however, when finished r u interested to including these features in RobocodeGL? -- Axe

Good idea, I'll be sure to include that. I should get some time to work on it this weekend, after I install my new video card fan. :-) Other suggestions are welcome. --David Alves

If you are accepting good ideas, what about an option (a button maybe) that allows me to delete data files from the bots I am combating or sets a preference so that calls to write data files are intercepted and return without actually doing the write? I am tired of having to delete data files. -- jim

Sure, I'll think about a good way to do that. In the meantime, you can prevent a bot from writing to disk by sticking a 200kb file in that bot's data directory. Of course, doing this in an RR@H installation might be a bad idea... -- David Alves

"No longer hard", "More on that soon"? :-) Can you get a robot's ClassLoader? to load the gl4java (or whatever you're going to use) classes then? -- Jonathan

Sure, you could get rid of the security manager and load whatever classes you wanted to... but that doesn't really seem like a good idea. *Especially* if you're running RR@H, so you aren't even choosing only trusted bots to run --David Alves

I have RR running with a separate RC, so I can try that safely. But isn't it possible to add only the GL classes to the classpath? -- Jonathan

Safely? What if you run a Trojan Horse that downloads viruses and the like to your machine? Or that formats your hard drive or bursn your BIOS, or ... -- PEZ

I thought there was something in Robocode.java about the security manager? But I have never really looked at that... -- Jonathan

Yeah. But I thought by "I can try" you meant what David said about "you could get rid of the security manager and load whatever classes you wanted to..." -- PEZ

Right. No I am not planning to get rid of the security manager, for that reason. And no I am not planning to load classes with the robot classloader. If you look at the current RobocodeGL, it simply loads everything it needs *before* it starts Robocode, so that the security manager won't be a problem. --David Alves

Is there any chance for RGL to be ported to Java3D or anything else than gl4java? No matter what I try, I get gl4java crashing within seconds... -- lRem

I'm using JOGL now. https://jogl.dev.java.net/ Also, the installer creates a fully functional installation for you... you don't need to go download anything or compile anything. --David Alves

Oh David, you're great... But wait, I can't see the installer anywhere! Would you be so kind and give the silly me some direct links? -- lRem

Yeah I'm having trouble with gl4Java as I dont have an internet connection at home, so therefore I cant use the automatic installer. Therefore I cant wait for you to finish the JOGL version of RobocodeGL. Do you have an ETA on when it will be finished? Im sure the lack of visual debugging is slowing my progress down! -- wolfman

Maybe a week or two. I've been working on the new RR@H server code too, so my attention is divided. And working on my bots of course. :-) --David Alves

A bit cheeky of me to ask, but I dont suppose there has been any progress on the new version of RGL? Im getting desperate! :) --Wolfman

Is this project already abandoned or something? I _still_ didn't find a way to run that on my Linux box... --lRem

I had some problems too, look here for resolutions. If you have still problems, post them there! But i use windows for robocoding... --Krabb

The problem was Linux specific, or hardware specific, as I once installed RobocodeGL without any problems on my sister's computer. Yet on my box it was always segfaulting inside gl4java native libraries (on Windows that probably would lead to hangup). Maybe using JOGL would help, but I have not enough time now to install it by hand, and I can't find any installer. --lRem

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