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This is a utility written by Martin Alan Pedersen to address the tendency of Roborumble robot caches to get very large over time as many people update their many bots. The tool first archives all files presently in the /robots and /.robotcache folders (to /archive/robots and /archive/.robotcache, respectively), and then moves robots back only if they are included in the participants listing (based on the URL provided to the utility). The Roborumble and Meleerumble load times can be optimized using this tool (perhaps launched once in the batch files that manages the rumble).

This tool is presently in open beta testing. It is available here: Rumble Cache Tool

Usage example: java RumbleCacheTool c:\robocode http://robowiki.net/cgi-bin/robowiki?RoboRumble/Participants

-- Martin Alan Pedersen

Comments, Bugs, Etc:

Note: I was unable to run the tool using the command line (as illustrated) and instead had to run it through Eclipse. I was unable to determine why it kept giving me NoClassDefFound? errors from the command line. -- Martin

From the command line, maybe there's some other way, but I generally have to run a .class file from the directory containing the package folders it's in. E.g., to run my WaveReader?, I have to be in the dir above voidious/test/WaveReader?.class, and run java -cp . voidious.test.WaveReader?. Similarly with Axe's league analyser util. (Dunno if that helps.) -- Voidious

Wow, that was so easy!! Weeded out 182 jars (probably mostly ones from the melee rumble?). That should help the like 20 minute wait time each time robocode fires up at least some (stupid flash drives) ... If someone has the source maybe they could modify it to work with the new location of the .robotcache directory? -- Simonton

I'm working on updating this tool. -- Martin

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