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Tutorial shortcomings

Actually there is NO real help in getting your first robot started. I found a nice tutorial at http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-robocode/ that helped me out. Something like this should be done here in this wiki. -- SchwarzerPeter

You're right, there is no real beginners tutorial present at this wiki. There are several mentioned, including the one you found, at the Beginners page under Tutorial. -- GrubbmGait

Uh, I can't remember the way I found that tutorial. Some wild clicking got me to that page. ;-) Maybe Tutorial should be a "real" tutorial with some links included at the bottom. -- SchwarzerPeter

Yeah. But maybe we don't need to rewrite a tutorial if there already is one that works. Maybe we could get the author to write it as a wiki section or get permission to do so? -- PEZ

Actually I'm writing a short introduction to Robocode for my blog (see it at http://www.kopis.de/). It is a german blog and I try to get german users into Robocode. Maybe I change my plans and merge it into a not-so-short introduction that can serve as a tutorial for german users, too. I created my first bot yesterday, playing around with basic movement, and I think I can summarize the first steps for users. -- SchwarzerPeter

It would be good timing if at this point the wiki got a bit more accessible to beginners. As the hosting provider for this wiki I noticed that since the opening of the Robocode Source a LOT of new people have been visiting this wiki, referred from the OpenSourceRobocode Sourceforge page. They seem to be clicking on 3-5 pages and then leave again. I think a more beginner-friendly front page could very well bring in some of those people. -- Vic (oops..preferences were lost due to new computer)


I noticed that the Robo_Home is messed up with links to _all_ kind of informations. I - as a user - can't say on the first look where to go if I need some information about Robocode at all. Or to find Links to other communities. The first paragraph should list some Category pages for Programming, Basics and/or Links. That would help the users to quickly pick a topic.

Please make a /SuggestionForNewStartPage and we could work from there. Maybe we should promote the search function more? It's powerful. -- PEZ


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