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Segmentation is probably one of the most complex and most nessecary parts of current robocoding. This is the age of GuessFactorTargeting and WaveSurfing, where success is about finding and exploiting your opponents weaknesses. This is where segmentation comes in. Segmentation is where one takes the traditional statistics gained through Waves or VirtualBullets and split it into segments based on the current factors at the time. A target may have the flattest profile you have ever seen, but it is when it is approaching a wall, changing velocity, advancing or retreating, or doing one of many other things, this profile could fail and allow you to exploit the spikes that occur.

(This is just a brief blurb, could someone please write a better description of segmentation, just as a general overview)

These pages have been recompiled by Jokester, although a lot of the ideas are my interpretation of concepts from the pages below.

Hmm, there is a ton of segmentation information scattered throughout the wiki. Im planning on redoing some of the information on this page if you guys think this will be useful. My thoughts are to divide it into If you feel this will be good I will go through with it, otherwise I can just post all my bookmarks on the subject here. Also, if you have any other good ideas for sections feel free to put them there. -- Jokester

Go ahead. Just pour all the current stuff over to a page like /Discussion and make a structured page about segmentation instead. That would be great. -- PEZ

Pages Used:

If anyone has other pages that I missed please put them in here, from theory and concepts, to pages with little code snippets. Also, when this remodeling is complete, should some of these pages be removed if all of the information is here.

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