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So, I was wondering, to those of you with girl(boy)friends, do they get upset at how much time you devote currently (or ever have devoted) to Robocode? --Goofy

My girlfriend just rolls her eyes. A lot. I wonder what's its like for the guys who are actually married. -- Alcatraz

Why should that be different? =) Well, my wife only complains very seldomly. She's pretty proud about me being an expert Robocoder. -- PEZ

Here is to our wives and girlfriends. May they never meet. (An old English toast, although I am sure it is even older than that) -- jim

Java is a country as far as she's concerned :-p --David Alves

@Pez: believe it or not, my girl is also proud of my robocoding :DDD --lRem

My wife is proud of my robocoding inasmuch as I can do it with her sitting in my lap (makes it hard to type accurately, but if it keeps her happy...). My wife also has written two robots (for a class some time back). -- Kawigi

Haven't told her yet ;-) --Pulsar

My girls, keep away from me, i just can give you pains. ;} -- iiley

My wife is proud of my bots... But sometimes, when i exceed myself in my passion to Robocoding, she just re-claim her throne. -- Axe

I propose moving this page to SignificantOthers. -- Alphax

Yeah. I wanted to rename it the other day, but forgot the english name for it. =) -- PEZ

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