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Kawigi, care to elaborate? -- Jokester

It has something to do with DynamicSegmentation? in GuessFactorTargeting... --Starrynte

Is someone just randomly hitting pages? If someone is still interested, I'd be willing to write about what I came up with, though :-) -- Kawigi

I'd like to hear about this one -- Gorded

I would be interested in at least the basic idea --Starrynte

Um...we're all (at least I'm) still in suspense... --Starrynte

When I was reading the DynamicSegmentation? page, I thought of something that seems like the name SplitTargeting would fit best. Basically, you look at all GF's greater than the 'middle', and all less, and you decide which has a higher value. Then you look at all GF's greater than the 'middle' of the option you chose, and all less, etc, until you are down to one bin. That's the bin you fire at. You choose the middle as the position they are at, and max and min would have to be precise-predicted, otherwise you would almost never shoot at negative GFs. This method should not shoot at the highest point in the graph, but instead do a sort of binary search for the densest part of the curve. -- Skilgannon

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