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My handle, as you can see, is StereoRebirth, this is due to my bad habit of starting a project, giving up in the middle of it, and ressurecting it while working on another. I'm a new comer to Java but I have some experience in other langages, so it wasn't that hard to get started. Well, not much to say, seeing as I don't have a complete project yet. Expect me to say more when I complete my unusual bot. Oh, and my current project has two notable features, so far. It "Dances" when it hits three energy, and it has(I hope anyways once it finishes) a random pattern.

Note: I just wanted to note something, in case I wasn't clear, I meant it would randomly use patterns. The dances part is sort of a Mockery of those victory dances that most seem to have, it's an "I'm doomed" dance, which I think is a funny idea. And I've only been working on making it's movement as unpredictable as possible, I've worked on it one day, and it has fourteen different "Mini-patterns." The most complex of which makes it go in a box with the gun pointed inwards. Actually, half of them are inverted versions of the other half, and by inverted, I mean left to right, ahead to back that sort of thing. I'm working on making it's movement system rather chaotic and complex before I work on the aiming of the gun. Unfortunitly, I made it for 1v1 but I accidentally stuck in a few movements that would only be useful in melee. Those that would only be useful in melee were the ones where it sat and spun, firing on anything it saw. -- StereoRebirth

Welcome to the wiki! -- Tango

Yeah! Welcome! Good to hear you are thinking differently about you bot strategies. We need some fresh ideas. -- PEZ

made any bots?--andrew

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