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Ok, I'll start by freely admitting that I'm hardly a robocode guru, but I am decent at coming up with ideas - it's the implementation that normally gets me.

Anyway, I intend this to spark discussion, and hopefully get more teams made (there being all of 28 TeamRobots? in RR@H - hardly a good testing ground).

So my intial thoughts:

That's all I've come up with for now, but I hope the community can come up with better. That's why we have a wiki, after all! -- CharlieN

Your point about intel management seems intuitively true, and obviously is best when you can pull it off, but I'm not sure it's the most important thing about radar. Obviously, when your team is equal to or greater than the other team in size, this is the best strategy without a doubt. I imagine it's about 50% of the time that you have the bot that dies first, since it's probably more due to spawn points than actual team skill with as many as 10 bots on the field, so then you need a good backup radar strategy.

Here's some experience from some TwinDuel research a few weeks ago. In LuminariousDuo, I have an optimally sweeping radar and no scan sharing - each bot scans back and forth between the enemies in the fashion that keeps the overall sweep at PI (180 degrees) or less; of course, it locks on when there's only one enemy. I managed to fit a new radar (remember it's CodeSize restricted) where each bot would scan one enemy and they shared all their scans, but if the enemy team outnumbered my team, it would switch to a spinning radar (not enough CodeSize room for also having optimal sweeping in that case). Overall, I was gathering over twice as much scan data as before. Much to my surprise, it did not even outperform the old optimal sweeping radar. Perhaps it's when the enemy outnumbers you that having a decent radar strategy is most important?

Also, the more bots on the field, the more important movement is, and I think movement favors frequently updated data while targeting favors perfect statistical data. (Disclaimer: I'm far from a melee expert. =)) So anyway, that's just my 2 cents. I think scan sharing while locking on all enemy bots is definitely something you should have, but developing a good mode of optimal sweeping when you're behind in numbers is the tough part.

-- Voidious

I've been working on a team myself, and the radar strategy I use seems to be working well enough... It looks something like this:

		public void run() {
			// each turn, find the most outdated scan
			if(target == null) {
				Lib.Other oldest = data.getOldest();
				if(lastTarget == null ||
						oldest.getSource() == Lib.Other.Source.SCAN ||
						oldest.getAge(robot) - lastTarget.getAge(robot) > 3) {
					target = oldest;
				else {
					target = lastTarget;
			// default radar turn is spin in circles forever
			double radarTurn = Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY;
			// if (a) we have an oldest enemy
			//    (b) the scan of them is vaguely recent
			//    (c) we have at least a little bit of
			//        data on ALL the robots on the field
			if(target != null && 
					target.getAge(robot) <= 9 &&
					data.allKnown()) {
				// turn the radar to the most outdated enemy
				// to refresh our data on them
				radarTurn = Utils.normalRelativeAngle(robot.getRadarHeadingRadians()
						- GeoUtils.getAbsoluteBearing(robot.getLocation(), 
				// multiply the radar turn by the turn factor
				// of 2.2 to create a larger arc
				radarTurn *= 2.2;
			// make the turn
			// reset the target
			lastTarget = target;
			target = null;
The data is handled in another class (clearly), and so is the communication (the data has all the latest scans of all enemy robots as compiled by all teammates). The idea is to turn to the enemy who you have the oldest data on, but with a slight bias towards the enemy you're already scanning (so if all the scans are relatively new, the teammates will continue to scan the enemy they're scanning, for more perfect data). I've wrote a short method to have the robot paint red dots where it thinks the enemies are, and they're almost always right... What do you think? --Bayen

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