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Tide is an robot project for robocode. We want to provide a diffrent but similar robot API that divorce the robot control interface and the event handle, and present a pure Descartes reference frame. And we plant to write several robot using this API, including 1vs1, teams, melee. Now we are developing the 1vs1 robot named Pear, use the wavesufering movement.

Tide is open source, we have put it into the sourceforge named [tide-project]. Iiley and me both are devoted robocoder, welcome to join us. :) -- Xiemin

Thanks! I might want to join. I've been jointly developing with you two earlier I believe? Welcome to the wiki by the way. What took you so long? =) Please make a page for yourself where we can learn some more about your Robocode efforts. -- PEZ

Welcome! I added a link to the tide-project, even though you can't find much there yet. :-) -- Jonathan

Yes,PEZ,you me and Xiemin we three developed Princess,you remember it!!!Haha~~~ ;] -- iiley

Thanks PEZ and Jonathan :-)-- Xiemin

Why do I feel afraid that iiley is back? I am just now starting to beat his old bots. Now we have to face new ones. Welcom back iiley. Welcome to you too Xiemin. -- jim

Thank you jim, one reason of my out of robocode world is that i have no new idea for a long long time. And dont be afraid i have no new idea right now either. Xiemin start the Tide Project,then i join it, a return to robocode world. In fact i'm very afraid of the top bot's authors of cource include you. You have a bot in top10,it is strong. The WaveSurfing was improved so excellent by all of you. How ever i'm tring to get some new.I dont know whether i can. Just a try. so happy today,had seen you old friends ;]. -- iiley

I cant imagine the kind of beast shall be an iiley WaveSurfing bot... His old bots are already a nightmare to me! Im afffrrrraaaaaaiiiiddddd... Welcome back iiley, good u bring Xiemin also! -- Axe

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