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The RoboWiki is dead! - Long live the RoboWiki!

First of all... We all should thank Vic for providing us with this new server space! Now we have a real server in a real server environment. I don't know how to begin to thank you Vic.

The transistion was painful to say the least. I've been on a crash course on how to administrer a web site without shell access! My eyes and my brain are both bleeding. Even though the http://www.cpanel.net/ is the best web based control panel I have yet seen. But I had to rely on ftp to transfer the files. Well over 10,000 files I think. The receiving host disconnected me at least 20 times and I had to babysit the full transfer. A few pages got corrupted in the process. Two of which I have removed and will replace later. And then it's one or two pages that are still corrupt. I will remove and replace them to eventually.

I can't use mod_rewrite on this server. So the redirect from http://robowiki.net/?PageName to the longer http://robowiki.net/cgi-bin/robowiki?PageName is now done with a silly JavaScript I cooked in a hurry. And some of you have been posting links to the wiki looking like http://robowiki.net/perl/robowiki?PageName. That is handled with a HTTP Redirect response now. I hope this all works with your browsers...

There is no more Uploads accounts now. The server space is precious. But I think Master D said he had 500G! Maybe you can arrange an upload process of some sorts David?

@David. Any luck with getting the RoboRumble@Home to run on Resin? There is always Tomcat you know. =)

I had lots of more I wanted to say. But I'm just too tired right now. See ya tomorrow I hope!

And. Did I say thanks to Vic? Anyway, it can be said again!

-- PEZ

Well, thanks a lot all people involved in this new Wiki effort... Thanks PEZ, Vic, David and whom else more! -- Axe

500GB is on my home machine, not on my server. I was offering that for weekly wiki backups. I think I can offer some upload space though, maybe 500 MB total.

I'm re-writing the RR@H server classes to use MySQL? instead of all those Properties files. Should give much better performance. RR@H will be up before the end of the weekend. --David Alves

By the way I share my server with a friend, the stuff you're seeing on http://rumble.robowiki.net is his, not mine. :-P --David Alves

I can't wait! It constantly amazes me how fast the RoboWiki community (well, you other guys, i'm sort of useless) deals with these minor disasters. I think I'll also take this chance to mention that I'm feeling it's about time I join The2000Club. -- Alcatraz

Minor disasters? =) Well, that's what it has amounted to, but it was _very_ close we lost the whole wiki.

Dave, ubout the uploads. I think the total uploads to the previous server amounted to something like 4MB, 25% of which was a huge image someone who didn't know about PNG uploaded. A major part of the rest was various axeBots. Maybe if you do fix an upload, you can limit the file size and have reasonable control of the growth rate. Ubout the rumble. Not that I found performance being a problem. But it's great someone finally migrates the data storage to a database. Let's just hope you're not too optimistic on the time schedule. I'm curious about Alcatraz's update! It threatens Pugilist's top-10 position in the general class... =) Of course I think both Jim and Axe have really interesting updates too! -- PEZ

Hmmm. There are a few issues we need to solve. I am a big fan of the wiki archived rankings. But now when the rumble is moved to Dave's server (and I have lost the archiving script I wrote) we will have no archived rankings until we implement a new solution. The dream solution woul maybe be if the Rankings servlet could be used some how, but with the resulting output being in wiki syntax and posted to the wiki. (Somewhat how it worked before, though it was written in Perl then.)

Also the LRP graphs should be implemented. It's an applet screen scraping the Details sheet of a bot and then drawing that wonderful graph. Kawigi and Dave must probably cooperate on this one.

Anyone can think about other features we might have left behind?

-- PEZ

@Dave: How are you going to use MySQL?? I am interested to hear how you are planning on storing the data this way. Also, could you put a place for a default flag that the results page will use if you do not select one? All those broken images keep trying to get downloaded when you load the standings page. I sent PEZ a pirate flag to use for those bots without a country. -- jim

Everybody. Please edit your preferences. They haven't transferred to this new place obviously. -- PEZ

Ooops! Stupid preferences. Also, when RR@H comes back on-line there will need to be some changes made to the properties files of the clients I think too. Small details now. This is almost back. Thanks Vic for donating the space! -- jim'

Yes there will be changes necessary to the properties file for the RR. It's the lines that read like this:

Which will need to look like this:
That is, fully qualified wiki page requests. Not really how I want it but I can't do anything about it.

-- PEZ

Happy to see the wiki run smoothly :-) Appreciate the thankyous! --Vic

Smooth indeed. Most often much more responsive than on my poor machine.

I solved the mystery with offset time stamps. Check the ReadMe in a while where I will post a note about it.

-- PEZ

Just an update: I got called over to my brother's office to fix a computer problem at 22:00 last night and just got home (it's 4:00 now) so I'll have to finish setting up RR@H on my server tomorrow. Well, technically today. Right now I need sleep. --David Alves

Anyone has an idea why the "favicon" shouldn't work? It used to work on the old wiki. It's placed in the www docroot which i believe is the correct location? -- PEZ

If I request /favicon.ico it returns nothing. -- Jonathan

Good test! To me it serves a blank image... Must be broken. Thanks! -- PEZ

For what it's worth, I administrate the RLL website through cPanel as well, but often feel it would be easier if I had shell access. Sooooo.... I wrote a perl script that lets me run shell commands :-) (I like to call it "if you don't give me shell access, I'll make myself a security hole.") -- Kawigi

Bad boy. I have considered that option as well. But I don't trust myself with it so I have skipped it. =) Besides, shell access isn't the biggest problem. The biggest problem is coping without mod_rewrite! It's like cutting the steak with the butt end of the knife. -- PEZ

I have only noticed this now... The AllPages link is missing from the top bar... Is that intentional? -- Axe

Could you please tell me where have the "All pages" and "Random page" links gone? I quite relied on them... -- lRem

I don't know where "All pages" went. The random page function I used to have hard coded in the wiki script. But since it's one of the things you can choose om the Preference page I thought it was a bit confusing. Just edit your preferences and you'll have it back. Though I haven't yet fixed so it skips the archived rankings pahges like the old one did... I made an AllPages page for you with my new title-search tag. You can also reach the "real" all pages with this link: http://robowiki.net/cgi-bin/robowiki?action=index -- PEZ

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