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Browsing from my Wii... Sweet. =) -- Voidious

A bit slow for typing, otherwise it's great. Surfing the wiki on the couch rules. :) -- ABC

Opera rules! --Bal

Seconded. =) --Chase-san

Wow, I really found my groove in Wii Sports bowling today - a few 250's, a couple 260's, and a 279. Anybody done better yet? =) (Note / boast: my real life high game is 268. :-P) -- Voidious

Impressive! (The real life one, I mean. I really don't care about the Wii one ... sorry =) ). -- Simonton

Thanks, it was a while ago, though =) All that Wii Bowling also resulted in my first Wii related muscle pain... The arm and shoulder are pretty darn sore today. True, you don't have to lift a 16-pound ball in Wii Bowling, but as a result you feel free to bowl way too many games ;) On a different (still Wii) note, $5 for Gradius (NES) today was some of the best money I've spent in a while. That game is super fun and addictive! -- Voidious

Ha! That's funny. "I'm sore from this video game." You should get the original Final Fantasy for NES. That game was so sweet. -- Simonton

Hehe, I've been playing Wii Tennis every chance I get. I also woke up many times with a sore arm/shoulder. I'm at 1911 ranking now, out of the graph area :). I'm tempted by Gradius too, but I only played the arcade version in it's time, is the NES version worth it? -- ABC

I never played the arcade version, only the NES version as a kid, so I can't really ompare them. But I loved the NES version as a kid and I am really enjoying it now, so I'd say it's worth the $5 (not sure how much it costs for you). Then again, I never played R-Type, which many people seem to like a lot better than Gradius, so that might be the better purchase. That's an insane rating, btw =) My bowling rating is around 1500 (peaked around 1600). -- Voidious

It costs 5 for me (around $6.25), I'll probably buy it this weekend. I already have R-Type, along with most other shooters available in the VC, I like shooters ;). -- ABC

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