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I have been forced to restart the web server quite often lately because it runs away and eats up all memory. I don't know why other than I only have 128 Mb on the server, but it should behave better than this. Anyway. Just know I had to do something very uncommon for Unix based systems. I had to restart the machine! I will try to find the time to look in to the problem and maybe add some more RAM to the machine. But now and then things might be a bit unresponsive here... Sorry about that. -- PEZ

You seem to be having more problems... the wiki is back now after a brief lapse, but the rumble still seems to be down... Should we try and find some other server to take to load off you? (I don't have one, unfortunately, otherwise i would volunteer) -- Tango

I think there might be problems finding the host for it. The good thing with things being hosted at my place is that I am one of the most addicted robocoders out there. Which means I will always try to keep things running. On the other hand the problems have escalated lately and I am not sure I know how to deal with them. The problem with the rumble is strange really. It must have crashed. I have started it again now. I have inherited an old server from my work. With some luck I'll succeed in porting the robocode services to that machine. Even if it's old it should provide a better environment. It's a matter of time. Luckily x-mas holidays are approaching and I will have more continous time then. -- PEZ

December 10 18:xx - Problem with the lock files of the wiki. Took me a while to figure out how to fix it. It's probably a side effect of the hard times the server is going through at the moment... -- PEZ

Looking at the error logs it seems that a wave of attacks from infected computers are trying cheap IIS tricks on my Debian GNU /Linux? / Apache system. It is quite heavy traffic, which might explain some of the outage problems I am having. I don't really know what to do about it though ... -- PEZ

Eek. That's bad. I have been having a lot of wierd problems in the past couple days; messages such as 'the connection was refused', internal server errors (I do hate perl), and some other assorted stuff. Hopefully the traffic will go away... -- Vuen

Internal server errors are not anything Perl specific. It's the usual label on status code 500 which are just as common with any CGI / server side language in my experience. I fully understand why you say you hate Perl though. I both love and hate it. At work I must code in an even crazier server side language though - Javascript. There I think I hate it more than I love it. =) -- PEZ

Server side Javascript? Is there such a thing? -- ABC

Of course - LiveWire? from Netscape, or Active Server Pages can be done in "JScript". -- Kawigi

Yep. In my case it is ASP. -- PEZ

Lots of traffic generated from cheap hacker-slaves trying to exploit win/iis vulnerabilities on my Linux box... So much traffic my server stopped responding on legitimate traffic actually. I've tried blocking the offending ip-numbers. Hope it'll help. -- PEZ

I also probably took it down for a bit yesterday, a lot of RR@H battles I had run weren't uploaded because the results file was corrupted (it had some extra stuff at the beginning of the file or something that wasn't supposed to be there). I fixed it so that the correct portion could be read and that resulted in about 6 MB of updates. On the bright side, some of the melee bots that have been awaiting rankings have them now :-) -- Kawigi

I don't think it was that. It didn't seem like it was a high Tomcat load. It was Apache. -- PEZ

It would have been on Sunday, anyways (or early Monday morning maybe for you). -- Kawigi

Well, then you are not to blame. This time. =) -- PEZ

We have some vandal visiting again now. Immediately when I suspect a wiki or log-file entry is hostile I try to deny that user wiki access. That is a guilty-until-proven-otherwise rule. If I happen to shut out a Robocoder, I appologize. Just send me an e-mail and I'll fix it. -- PEZ

I've been unable to access the wiki by robowiki.net for the last couple of days. I'm currently using the old dyndns address. Is that anything to do with you? -- Tango

It's working again now!! :-) -- Tango

Gone again. I'm back using dyndns. I don't have a static IP address, so prehaps only one of the addresses I use is blocked? -- Tango

If it works with the dyndns address and not with the .net adress then it is not that you are blocked. Maybe you can try with hardcoding " robowiki.net" into your hosts file? -- PEZ

I wouldn't know where to start with anything like that... Confusingly, the error message is a timeout, yet it's instant. I'll stick with dyndns. Prehaps my ISP has corrupted its DNS cache or something, and will fix it soon, you never know. -- Tango

There was a very long outage today. What was wrong? -- Alcatraz

It wasn't just me then. Good to know. :-) Bad that it happened of course. :-( -- Tango

Whatever it was it must have solved itself. Maybe it was just my ISP failing to deliver. -- PEZ

Is it just me who found it down most of today as well? -- Tango

I couldn't access it earlier, either, which made it take a lot longer to find a certain bot on the repository before I started the RLL today. -- Kawigi

But that's the usual thing with ISP problems in my experience. They come in bursts. With some luck they'll nail down the source of the problem soon. Seems like many servers on the subnet I am on have been hijacked by the same worm. Maybe that's what is happening. -- PEZ

My client is returning the following when trying to upload results:

java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: http://rum
Unable to upload results roborumble,35,800x600,Axe,1081678552298,SERVER axeBots.
SilverSurfer 1.18,3072,1464,23 ara.Shera 0.88,2259,1380,12
this started yesterday, any idea? -- Axe

I get the same thing when running the Melee client, so i'm guessing the server's poorly...--Brainfade

Tomcat had died here. Now it should be alive and kicking again. -- PEZ

Nope. Same error... Seems to be dead... -- Axe

Hmmm. Now then? -- PEZ

I'll let u know when i arrive at home. -- Axe

Yeah, 'tis working for me now... --Brainfade

Seems that the outage above made SilverSurfer v.1.18 run more battles than expected in my client. That outage was different, the server refuses (500) the upload, but not the downloads, it happened when SilverSurfer was with 80 battles, so my client (and every one that was active)runned more than 1 day not uploading the results... 2900+ battles. Nevermind about that, a new version is on the way (bugs detected). -- Axe

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