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Melee ranking
Rank version rating battles date comment
73florent.XSeries.X2 0.11593.75 160227-2-2006:8:10initial release
56florent.XSeries.X2 0.21623.5318723-3-2006:7:6corrected a few bugs
42florent.XSeries.X2 0.31642.0324129-3-2006:10:23tuned antigravity (walls)
9florent.XSeries.X2 0.51694.3249327-3-2006:18:0the gun behave as it should, but no tuning yet
12florent.XSeries.X2 0.71688.7205231-3-2006:19:48gun tuning, bug correction, execution speed improved a bit
9florent.XSeries.X2 0.81694.92142203-4-2006:10:36gun tuning (OneOnOne), bug correction in the gun, using custom made list in the gun
9florent.XSeries.X2 0.10melee rumble crash??changed radar, added LOS avoidance
7florent.XSeries.X2 0.121702.94203423-4-2006:2:25removed LOS avoidance, AntiGravity tuning, added a few if to 0.11.8 for melee behaviour

Team ranking
22florent.XSeries.Xmen 0.11880.3721823-3-2006:16:9initial release with 5 X2 0.6t
22florent.XSeries.Xmen 0.7190721130-3-2006:0:345 X2 0.7 one bug corrected on who's likely to fire on me
22florent.XSeries.Xmen 0.91900.311072-4-2006:11:165 X2 0.9 changed the radar behaviour (1 scan evry 1.7 tick)

One On One ranking
??florent.XSeries.X2 0.71960.573332006-3-28:11:0first One On One release and it's a slow bot
23?florent.XSeries.X2 0.7.11962.87136929-3-2006:9:42rammer bugfix
115florent.XSeries.X2 0.92027.71308 3-4-2006:8:16wave bugfix
115florent.XSeries.X2 0.11.82024.26121023-4-2006:3:18from 0.11 to 0.11.7 surfing enemy data instead of mine, added virtual guns, execution speed improved, gun tuning
76florent.XSeries.X2 0.132034.91119424-4-2006:22:40simple dynamic weights for wave surfing stats (Credit to voidious for the complex original idea), checks for hits for the virtual guns a bit more precise
??florent.XSeries.X2 0.15???added stop position in wave surfing
56florent.XSeries.X2 0.172056.641136 1-5-2006:9:8changed some dimensions in the gun and using entropy association to weight gun's dimensions (Credits to ABC, see DynamicClustering )
67florent.XSeries.X2 0.192049.4510012-5-2006:6:42changed rolling depth for hit buffers (movement)
66florent.XSeries.X2 0.212054.3710823-5-2006:10:57corrected entropy, and using two sets of wave surfing stats with two different rolling depths (Credits to ABC)
65florent.XSeries.X2 0.232050.1711144-5-2006:10:15rolled back to 0.17, with entropy correction, new gun's dimension and faster adapation for the movemnt
??florent.XSeries.X2 0.25???rolled to previous adaptation speed

Name Author Type Butterfly 2.0 CassiusClay 1.9996bdTC Chalk 1.2TC Cigaret 1.31TC Cyanide 1.80.bTC DuelistMicro 1.22TC FloodMini 1.4TC GrubbmGrb 1.1.3TC RandomMovementBot 1.0 Tigger 0.0.23TC Score Comment
X2 0.7 Florent DC 97.11 67.06 81.23 81.60 71.99 94.81 89.73 88.98 80.86 83.22 83.66 15 seasons
X2 0.13 Florent DC 98.45 65.48 84.47 81.89 72.68 94.30 93.57 85.17 85.84 82.82 84.47 15 seasons

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