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You should just replace ".net" for ".dyndns.org" in any URL. If it works that is. -- PEZ
You should just replace ".net" for ".dyndns.org" in any URL. If it works that is. -- PEZ

Excellent, it appears to work. It's just funny to see "rumble.robowiki.dyndns.org" there, so many subdomains :-p -- Kawigi

OK, the snowball is rolling. I have chosen the domain robowiki.net. Since I am administering name server and everything myself I am not sure I have got it right. Even if I think I did things the same way as I did with my pezius.com domain, which works.

However. robowiki.net would need a secondary name server. If anyone is in control of a name server please let me know and we could set it up.

See www.granitecanyon.com for a free secondary dns. -- ABC

That's the one I have now. And the one I previously had for my pezius.com domain. But it is really unreliable so I would like to have something else. -- PEZ

Ok, I can set it up in my dns then, are we talking fixed or dynamic IP? -- ABC

Cool. It's a fixed IP ( Granitecanyon only asked for the primary DNS name, I guess it then mirrors it's records or some such. I'm not sure it works yet, because I don't know if I allow zone transfers or not (nor how I control it). E-mail me and we can work it out together probably. pez@pezius.com -- PEZ

Gah! Now the robowiki.net name is propagating out on the net. But I got one digit wrong when I configured my name server so it will take another two days before it is corrected probably... -- PEZ

These "sites" have got an e-mail about the domain name change:

http://robowiki.net doesn't seem to work on my computer. Perhaps something wrong with my ISP? --Dummy

Strange. It should have propagated by now. Do you get an answer using "ping robowiki.net"? -- PEZ

I get intermittent problems... robowiki.net, www.robowiki.net and rumble.robowiki.net all act differently, and they all act differently again depending on where i am. Sometimes i get DNS errors (like it hadn't propagated), sometimes server errors (which are explained on WikiOutage), etc. -- Tango

After some quick pinging, it looks like it's only www.robowiki.net that isn't working. -- Tango

www.robowiki.net is not supposed to work. And rumble.robowiki.net is a different web server (Tomcat) than robowiki.net (Apache). So I guess you should get different behaviour. The Tomcat server might be very busy at times. -- PEZ

You probably should make www.robowiki.net point to the apache server, it could cause confusion. -- Tango

Yeah, probably I should. At least one person assumed it was there. =) -- PEZ

The new domain name doesn't seem to work for my parents' ISP (I'd think it would have long ago). Is there any other way to access the roborumble@home scripts? -- Kawigi

That's truly strange. Maybe my domain name provider doesn't propagate the name fully... However, the old domain name should still work. Otherwise I have misconfigured something. Let me know if it doesn't work. -- PEZ

Worst comes to the worst, PEZ will just have to put the IP address somewhere and you can access it manually. You wouldn't need any DNA propagation for that, so it will almost certainly work. -- Tango

No, that wouldn't work. It would only access the wiki. The roborumble stuff must be accessed through the names. -- PEZ

Using the old domain name, how would I access, say, the real-time rankings script for the general rumble? -- Kawigi

You should just replace ".net" for ".dyndns.org" in any URL. If it works that is. -- PEZ

Excellent, it appears to work. It's just funny to see "rumble.robowiki.dyndns.org" there, so many subdomains :-p -- Kawigi

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