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Changed: 4c4
* [Ram V1.0] 138 bytes
* [Ram V1.1] 138 bytes

Changed: 8c8
* [Ram V1.1] 159 bytes
* [Ram V1.2] 159 bytes

Changed: 12c12
* [Ram V1.2 Melee] 227 bytes
* [Ram V1.3 Melee] 227 bytes

Added: 14a15,18
* [Ram V1.4 Melee] 210 bytes - - - - {Renamed it to: "Ram13 1.4"}
** Melee: Scores 1.162.822 in 2000 rounds (145.353 in 250 rounds).
** But it's not good enough (#3 with a 96% score of the #1).
** OneOnOne: removed the firepower selection code. Fires even faster, but costs more energy. Scores at least 20% more than it's opponent. =D

Removed: 16d19
I'm thinking about stopping the development of this Bot (in Melee) for a while. I've done about 20-30 new versions of it, but the total scores are either lower than [Ram V1.2 Melee] or just about the same, at the cost of too many bytes.

Removed: 18d20
I also think that this type (Ram) isn't exactly the best or efficient Bot. And if I take a look at the opposition, there aren't many Bots of this kind, I wonder why ....

Removed: 20d21

Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie at Robocode. Have been doing it for over half a year now, but didn't realy had OceansOfSpareTime. I'm not so good at Java too, but I'm still learning...

NanoBots (250 bytes of code or less):


Hi and welcome to the comunity. --deathcon

Thank you. I like this community a lot. Everyone is very nice, and there's a lot to learn from other members. --TheForgottenOne

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