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Current version (Release date)
0.695 (2006-07-1)


Created for the RoboRumble Gun Challenge (RRGC).

Type of fight
One-on-one only

Download link

Gun of ForceMajeure corresponding version.

Movement of Raiko 0.41 by Jamougha (RaikoNMT?).

What to do
Update ForceMajeureRRGC's gun due to update ForceMajeure's gun.

 Date  Ranking  Bot  Version  Codesize  Rating  # battles 
 Category - General (any codesize)
 2006-07-9  74 of 426  demetrix.ForceMajeureRRGC  0.695  3419  1781.67  1250 


ForceMajeureRRGC discussion starts here -- DemetriX

It seems that ForceMajeureRRGC has a quite acceptable gun, beating GrubbmGrbRRGC with 10 points. This means however that your movement is your weak point. For the ranking it is very important to beat the weaker bots as hard as possible, a better gun alone will not do that. I believe that if you put your effort in your movement, 1750 points could be reached in no time. Success with your future improvements! -- GrubbmGait

I have been thought about movement already. I suspected, that movement of my bot very weak. And now I see this clearly. Thanks for your wishes and I will try to improve movement soon and targeting :-) of course. -- DemetriX

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